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رقصِ ابلیس(انوار صدیقی) Raqs Iblis by Anwar Siddiqui Free PDF

رقصِ ابلیس(انوار صدیقی) Raqs Iblees by Anwar Siddiqui
رقصِ ابلیس(انوار صدیقی) Raqs Iblees by Anwar Siddiqui

About This Novel From Author Anwar Siddiqui

Raqs Iblis by Anwar Siddiqui Free PDF

“Raqs Iblis by Anwar Siddiqui” is a unique novel in that it was not serialized in a magazine, Daige Tadloul, or newspaper. The credit for bringing it directly to the public is the head of the spirited brother “Muhammad Ali Qureshi” of Maktabah al-Quraish. Different names You would have slept through my serial stories “Suta Ghat Ka Bejaari,” “Anka,” and “Slave Cry” before this Raqs Iblis by Anwar Siddiqui.

Aqba Amir Bel” “Brahmachari”. Derakhshan”. “Taghut”. “Bhor” and “Khabis” have been read in various digests and magazines. Your choice has become the guarantee of these stories. Had it not been for this, numerous editions of these stories would not have been printed which were published in the form of novels are But a lot has been written, is being written and there is room for more to be written about the mystery sciences and Dev Malay stories.

All the related stories I have mentioned above also mention major guest deities from one angle or another. There is a mention of an evil spirit that is not visible, but its allusion is more effective than an overt one. “Saqli” contains the filthiest and most amazing feats of the experts of knowledge. It mentions the forces that loom in the future that make a human being weak. which turns the body’s complexion A.

The incredible press of witchcraft, jintar, mantra, and tonka, or the charms and miracles of some of God’s chosen sages and magicians in detail. Available is highlighted. The stories written against the backdrop of horror, mystery and incredible atmosphere still fascinate readers even today Raqs Iblis by Anwar Siddiqui.

Some aspects of these stories may seem very surprising and unbelievable to you even though the reality is quite the opposite. Even today, there are many areas in the world where civilization has not passed.

As a regional culture, they follow their self-created rituals with great devotion and devotion. If necessary, man also eats human flesh with great taste and enthusiasm. Freed from the shackles of bondage and relationships Uninformed people follow the principle of “whose stick is his buffalo”.

Tourists are still investing their precious time, money and lives in exploring these remote parts. The independent stories of the duchess have also been written many times. What archeology has uncovered so far is enough to understand civilization for the uninitiated. which are higher But the interesting thing is that even today some of these countries on the map of the world are suffering from homophobia despite being fully equipped with modern technology and education Raqs Iblis by Anwar Siddiqui.

Black magic and magicians who talk to spirits are still making money with both hands by inciting the weak belief of these literate and civilized people. But the obsolete rites of “sati” and “mint” are considered as a means of salvation. There are also sects (may God forgive) where there are regular “prices” for the remission of sins of various kinds, minor and major. Such absurd rituals are still practiced today.

There are those whose conception is a sin, but “barren women dance naked with their Pati Dev (husband) as if to please or appease a certain deity” Believe in doing. There are matters of faith. However, those who have studied my successive earnings will surely testify that I have always elevated the knowledge of the truth by demeaning falsehood. All I have to say about “Dance of the Devil” is that its story graph is different from all my other serial stories.

Its characters are closer to daily life and routines. As you look around you, you may see characters from the story walking around you. Each story has its own distinct mood. I have tried to make “Raqsa Iblis” look more interesting and closer to reality than “Naka” and “Qabala” I will wait for your opinion.

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