CRUX OF EDUCATION Objective & Subjective PDF Free


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CRUX OF EDUCATION Objective & Subjective PDF

The book by Muhammad Nazir, the author of Crux of Education, serves as a thorough manual for individuals learning about or getting ready to educate special needs students. The 356-page text provides insightful information on a range of topics and problems involving these kids from the viewpoints of education and social integration within society at large. This course can be used to prepare for public tests like the PPSC/FPSC exams; International Educational Consultants Association Incorporated has classified it as one of “The Best Books on Disability” (IECA).

CRUX OF EDUCATION Objective & Subjective PDF

Anyone who wants to learn more about the intricate field of special education should read Muhammad Nazir’s book. The Crux of Education. Readers will find information on hearing impairment, intellectual disability, and visual impairment among many other disabilities in this informative text in an easy-to-read format along with advice from professionals!

Headmaster/Headmistress, Lecturer in Special Education, SSET & JSET, PPSC & FPSC Preparation, Crux of Education Part-B MA/M.ED
Muhammad Nazir is the author Crux OF EDUCATION Objective & Subjective.

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Muhammad Nazir’s book Crux of Education is both objective and subjective.
A Full Set for the Teaching Profession. Popular Books & Books BNB.

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