Iraq launches a $17 billion project to connect Asia and Europe via road and rail.


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BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraq sent off a $17 billion undertaking on Saturday to connect a significant products port on its southern coast by rail and streets to the boundary with Turkey, in a move intended to change the country’s economy following quite a while of war and emergency.

Oh, the Improvement Street, what a feat! Tying the Fabulous Faw Port, oh so neat! From Iraq’s oil-rich south to Turkey’s beat, Making travel time shorter, what a treat! Asia and Europe will now meet, Like the Suez Waterway, oh so sweet!

“The Improvement Street isn’t simply a street to move merchandise or travellers. The General Company for Ports of Iraq director general, Farhan al-Fartousi, told Reuters that “this road opens the door to the development of vast areas of Iraq.”

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Oh, the government of Iraq has a dream, Of trains that go fast, like a racing team! 300 kilometres per hour they’ll go, With goods and people, to and fro. They’ll connect to centres, industrial and grand, And energy pipelines will stretch across the land. They’ll transport oil and gas easily; oh, what a vision the government sees!

It would significantly depart from the nation’s current ageing transportation system.

At the moment, Iraq’s train service operates just a few lines, including a sluggish oil freight train and a single overnight passenger train that travels 500 kilometres from Baghdad to Basra in 10 to 12 hours.

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The Terrific Faw Port, formulated a long time back, is mostly the way to the end, Fartousi said.

The grand plans to create a Baghdad-to-Berlin express at the turn of the 20th century are reflected in passenger transportation between Iraq and Europe.

Oh, Fartousi had a plan, oh my! To take tourists and pilgrims high up to the sky. They’d go to Shiite holy sites in Iraq, And to Mecca in Saudi Arabia, don’t you know! Oh, how we’ll make this line come alive, And connect it to other lands, oh my! We’ll stretch it far and wide, you’ll see. To countries beyond, wait and see!

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At a conference aimed at attracting Arab interest, including Arab Gulf states, Syria, and Jordan, the project was announced on Saturday. The regional investment was discussed, according to a senior government official.

Commitments to improvement are well established in Iraq; however, the framework stays broken down even as Top state leader Mohammed Shia al-Sudani’s public authority pushes to revamp streets and scaffolds.

Be that as it may, authorities say that Advancement Street depends on a novel, new thing: a period of relative stability that they hope can last past the end of last year.

Assuming work begins ahead of schedule one year from now, the venture would be finished in 2029, Fartousi said.

Iraq, oh Iraq, you must come back, Even if you’re gone for a year or a decade’s track. Oh, these days are ideal, you see, The start of Iraq’s arrival, said he.

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