Mexico’s government seize the opposition bastion before the presidential elections.

According to Reuters, the location of interest is Mexico City. Preliminary results indicate that the ruling party of Mexico successfully took over one of the major strongholds of the opposition on Sunday. This move is expected to strengthen the hold of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on the government as the country prepares for the upcoming election to choose his successor next year.

According to a projection made by the State’s electoral institute, the National Regeneration Movement (MORENA), a leftist political party led by Lopez Obrador, was anticipated to secure a victory in the State of Mexico gubernatorial election by approximately 8 to 10 percentage points.

The recent win has resulted in the acquisition of Mexico’s most densely populated area by MORENA, which already governs 21 other states, accounting for over two-thirds of the total.

A political party known as MORENA has allied with the governing body of another state, thereby increasing its power base significantly. This development is expected to dramatically impact the upcoming presidential elections scheduled for June 2, 2024.

The outcome of Sunday’s election led to a decline in the Institutional Revolutionary Party’s (PRI) political influence, which was once a dominant force in Mexico’s political landscape. This event signifies a significant achievement for MORENA, which has now taken over as the leading political party in the second-largest economy in Latin America.

Since 1929, the centrist PRI party has been in power in the State of Mexico, marking the beginning of its extensive political control over Mexico. After losing the presidential election in 2000, the subject returned in 2012. However, it suffered a significant defeat by Lopez Obrador six years later.

Delfina Gomez, the successful candidate from MORENA, proclaimed victory over corruption and neglect to a jubilant crowd of supporters following the election. She also celebrated the removal of the PRI from power. This marks the initial instance where the government will cater to the needs of the most susceptible population.

The State of Mexico will have its first female governor in Gomez, the runner-up in the previous state election.

According to the polling station returns, Gomez secured 53% of the total votes, which accounts for 66% of the overall polling station returns. Alejandra del Moral, a politician from the PRI party who leads a coalition of opposition parties, obtained 44% of the votes, making her a strong contender against the user’s preferred candidate.

On Sunday, a cautionary message was issued to MORENA.

In the northern border state of Coahuila, a special gubernatorial election was held, where the PRI emerged victorious over MORENA. This resulted from internal conflicts within the president’s party, which led to the emergence of competing candidates. The PRI party in Coahuila has not been defeated as of yet.

The leader of the political party MORENA, Lopez Obrador, has issued a directive for the party to maintain solidarity in preparation for the upcoming presidential election. This includes distancing from former party members who have chosen to disassociate themselves from MORENA.

Since assuming office in December 2018, he has significantly influenced Mexico’s political landscape. His enduring popularity, which has remained steady at approximately 60%, has contributed to the formidable electoral prowess of MORENA. As per the legal framework of Mexico, the presidency is restricted to a single term of six years.

The individual’s harsh language has created a divisive atmosphere, causing a rift between the government and the private sector. Additionally, this rhetoric has led to clashes with institutions that check the individual’s authority, such as the judiciary. As a result, voters have become polarized.

According to most polls, Claudia Sheinbaum, the mayor of Mexico City, is currently leading the race to become the presidential candidate for MORENA. Marcelo Ebrard, the Foreign Minister, is closely following her in the polls.

Sheinbaum, similar to Gomez, is strongly associated with Lopez Obrador and his policies. According to some analysts, a decisive victory for MORENA in the State could bode well for her presidential aspirations.

Following the conclusion of the voting process, Sheinbaum shared a photograph of herself and Gomez on Twitter, both individuals appearing content and cheerful, in commemoration of her triumph.

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