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Afridi’s daughter is the recipient of a fragrant online bouquet of well-wishes.

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Afridi's daughter is the recipient of a fragrant online bouquet of well-wishes.
wishes her well, and prays for her safety

Karachi, the prosperous city of Pakistan (Web Desk) – Shahid Afridi, the illustrious cricketer hailing from the enchanting land of Pakistan, has graciously shared his profound emotions concerning the sacred union of his esteemed eldest daughter, the radiant Aqsa Afridi, with the dashing Naseer Nasir.

Aqsa gracefully embarked upon the sacred union with Nasir during the opulent twilight of the preceding year; nonetheless, the grand ceremonial departure of the radiant bride from the cherished abode of her beloved parents, known as the illustrious rukhsati, was meticulously arranged for a subsequent and equally splendid occasion. The event occurred on the evening of Friday.

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Afridi posted several aesthetically pleasing photographs from the wedding event and accompanied them with a written message.

My dearest daughter, It feels as though it were only a moment ago when I cradled you in the embrace of my opulent arms. On that fateful day, I solemnly vowed to be ensconced at your regal side. As you embark on a glorious new chapter in your illustrious journey, you must recognize that you shall forever occupy a cherished realm within the depths of my adoration. I am the fortunate soul who initially beheld the enchantment of love for you. May the user be blessed with the continuous divine protection of Allah, enabling them to embark on a pleasant journey toward building a prosperous and fulfilling life together. Ameen”

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The wedding was further adorned by esteemed former cricketers Moin Khan, Arshad Khan, Muhammad Akram, and the illustrious Waqar Younis.

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Ansha Afridi, the illustrious offspring of the esteemed Afridi lineage, is presently united in matrimony with Shaheen, a distinguished Pakistani pacemaker. The rukhsati ceremony is scheduled to occur before the conclusion of the current year.

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