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بوتل کا جن (اشتیاق احمد) Bottle ka Jin Free PDF Read Online

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بوتل کا جن (اشتیاق احمد) Bottle ka Jin Free PDF Read Online
بوتل کا جن (اشتیاق احمد) Bottle ka Jin Free PDF Read Online

Bottle ka Jin Short Story

Bottle ka Jin Arshad first noticed the bottle floating in the river. He shouted with all his might, “Hey! What’s that swimming in the river?”
“There seems to be a bottle,” Antar said. “Then turn the boat this way,” I said excitedly.
“But what will we do with this bottle? Obviously, it will be empty” Akhtar said.
What did
Bhatti, what’s wrong with watching? Arshad said
What do you think might be in the bottle?
Akhtar was upset.
You will know by seeing. I said. Akhtar had to turn the boat around. He was driving it Bottle ka Jin.

Today was a holiday and we three brothers had planned a boat trip. Darya then hired a boat and started enjoying the cruise.

The three brothers were wrestling alternately. If one was tired, the other would take over. After turning the boat, Antar moved the chain towards the bottle, but the speed of the bottle was much faster than the boat.

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“This way we can’t even catch him by evening,” I said angrily.
So what should be done then?” asked Arshad. “Take care of yourself,” I told him. “And you, Nawab, sit comfortably.” Arshad
Burn said.
no. I hold the bottle
Now both of them started pulling the boat with all their strength. Gradually we were getting closer to the bottle. I am tired. Now, what do you chat about? I will hold the bottle. Akhtar gasped. I used to be afraid of driving.

There was clumsiness in the case. Look, let me grab the bottle first. Then I will take over Ga” I said. No, I’m very tired. “Come on, I forced myself and started beating my hands. Dare! Hey! What are you doing? Arshad asked.

What should I do? The way I know how to drive, I will drive the same way. I Burn said. Both began to eat the boat quickly. Once we got close to the bottle.”
Catch Akhtar! Couldn’t go.

I challenged him as if to capture an enemy.
Akhtar will hold the bottle for me. At the same time, I hit Chitto in the water, which fell diagonally and hit the right cheek. He frowned.

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