BA English Notes Multi-Purpose Dialogs Free PDF

BA English Notes Multi-Purpose Dialogs
BA English Notes Multi-Purpose Dialogs

Dialogue between Two Friends on the choice of profession

BA English Notes Multi-Purpose Dialogs

Asad: Hello! Dear, how are you?

Umer: I am fine and what about you?

Asad: I m also fine you have been as we have met after a long time

Umer: I went abroad after taking the BA Exams.

Asad: Very nice do you know when the result
is being announced?

Umer: I hope that by tomorrow the result will be

Asad: So, what is your program after passing the BA exams?
Umer: My intention is to be a lawyer after doing a BA.

Asad: Very well, why do you like to be a lawyer?

Umer: I am interested in this profession and my father was also a famous lawyer in the city.

Asad: Very well, I am pleased to hear that you want to be a good lawyer, and should help the poor.

Umer: So is my aim, please tell me what are your future plans?

Asad: I want to be a teacher as you know that teaching is my passion.

Umer: it is a very noble and respected profession.

Asad: Yes, the teacher is the man who has the ability to change the fate of the world.

Umer: Yeah, you are quite right, may God give you success in your life.

Asad: Same to you, I enjoy having talked to you, thanks, and Allah Hafiz

Umer: Thanks to you and Allah hafiz.

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