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گیارہ منٹ ناول – پاؤلو کوئیلہو Gayara Mint Free PDF

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گیارہ منٹ ناول - پاؤلو کوئیلہو Gayara Mint
گیارہ منٹ ناول – پاؤلو کوئیلہو Gayara Mint

گیارہ منٹ ناول

گیارہ منٹ ناول On May 29, 2002, just a few hours before finalizing this book, I went to Lourdis, France to meet Grano to fill a few bottles of the miraculous water from the spring. A man at the carnival, who was about seventy years old, said to me, “You know that you look like a fool.” I said I am Paulo Coelho.

The man hugged me and introduced me to his wife and granddaughter. He spoke about the importance of my books in his life and said: “They take me to the world of dreams.” I have heard these words many times before, and they bring me joy.

Although at that moment I was terrified, I knew that my new novel, “Eleven Minutes,” was about a subject that was unbearably difficult and terrifying. I went to the waterfall, filled my bottles, came back, and asked him where he lived (near the Belgian border in northern France) and took his name down گیارہ منٹ ناول.

I dedicate this book to you, Mars Graulainn. I have a responsibility to you, your wife and granddaughter, and the things that concern me, not just the things that everyone wants to hear. Some books take us to the world of dreams and some enlighten us to reality but the most important thing for a writer is faith in the light of which a book is written.
So behold, a wicked woman who was from that city, knowing that he was sitting down to eat in the house of this freedman, brought perfume in a marble perfume box.

And standing behind him, she wet his feet with tears and wiped them with the hair of her head and kissed his feet and put perfume on them. And the impostor who invited him, seeing this, said to himself that if this person was not a prophet, he would have known
Who and what kind of woman is the one who touched her, because she is wicked?
Jesus answered him. O Shimon, I have something to say to you. He said say
my lord A moneylender had two debtors, one for five interest and the other for fifty.
When they had nothing left to pay, he forgave them both. So who among them will love him more? گیارہ منٹ ناول

Simeon replied to him, “In my knowledge, he is the one whom he forgave the most.” Jesus
He said to him, You have made the right decision.
And turning towards this woman, he said to Simeon: Do you see this woman? I came to your house, and you did not give me water to wash my feet, but it soaked my feet with tears
He gave them and kissed them with his hair.

You did not kiss me, but he has not stopped kissing my feet since I came. You have put oil on my head, but he has put ointment on my feet. Therefore, I say to you that his sins, which are many, are forgiven because he loved much, but he who is forgiven a few sins loves little.
47 t 37: 763

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