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پورس کے ہاتھی(نسیم حجازی) Porus Kay Haathi By Naseem Hijazi Free PDF

پورس کے ہاتھی(نسیم حجازی) About Author

Naseem Hijazi was a Pakistani historian and novelist who is best known for his historical fiction novels that depict the early Islamic history of the Indian subcontinent. Born in Hijaz, Saudi Arabia in 1914, Hijazi grew up in Lahore, Pakistan, and received his education in both Arabic and English.

Throughout his career, Hijazi wrote over 50 novels and is considered one of the most influential writers in Pakistani literature. His novels, which often focused on themes of courage, bravery, and patriotism, were widely popular in Pakistan and have been translated into multiple languages.

One of Hijazi’s most famous novels is “Khak Aur Khoon,” which tells the story of the Indian freedom struggle against British rule. The novel, which was first published in 1972, has been hailed as a masterpiece of historical fiction and has been adapted into several plays and films.

In addition to his writing, Hijazi was also a prominent political activist and was involved in the struggle for independence in Pakistan. He was a member of the All India Muslim League, the political party that played a key role in the creation of Pakistan, and he served as the editor of several newspapers and magazines throughout his career.

Hijazi passed away in 1976 at the age of 62, but his legacy as a writer and historian lives on. His novels continue to be widely read and celebrated in Pakistan and around the world, and his contributions to Pakistani literature and culture are remembered and honored to this day.

پورس کے ہاتھی(نسیم حجازی) Poras Kay Hathi By Naseem Hijazi
پورس کے ہاتھی(نسیم حجازی) Poras Kay Hathi By Naseem Hijazi

پورس کے ہاتھی(نسیم حجازی)

پورس کے ہاتھی(نسیم حجازی) Pouras Ke Hathi is a book written by Naseem Hijazi. Naseem Hijazi’s literary creation is the novel Pouras Ke Hathi. In Pakistan, he was a renowned journalist, novelist, author, and historian. Some of Hijazi’s best-selling titles were available in Urdu. His publications mainly focused on history. He set the bar high for historical novels written in Urdu.

Naseem Hijazi taught the subject using his writing prowess. He informed the populace about the Muslim people’s illustrious past as well as the reasons behind their collapse. Inspiring the youth to seek education in order to regain his glory, he advocated the Muslim philosophy. The Muslims learned the value of togetherness from Naseem Hijazi. He described the struggles that led to the demise and the causes of it.

The author compared Indian tanks to Raja Pouras’ elephants. Pakistani forces engaged India in a tank battle at Chawinda, where they prevailed. I’m hoping you’ll enjoy Pouras Ke Hathi’s pdf as much as his other fantastic books.

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