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کالا جادو ایم اے راحت اور سید علی حسن گیلانی Kala Jadoo Novel free pdf

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کالا جادو ایم اے راحت اور سید علی حسن گیلانی Kala Jadoo Novel
کالا جادو ایم اے راحت اور سید علی حسن گیلانی Kala Jadoo Novel

کالا جادو ایم اے راحت Novel, may peace be upon you. I hope you are well. My new novel, Kala Jadoo, is in your hands. You must have read many transcendental, mysterious, and terrifying novels in the Imran series till now, but after writing the terrifying number “Kala Jadoo,” I can claim that you have read a truly terrifying and heart-pounding novel in the Imran series. must not have read کالا جادو ایم اے راحت.

At the beginning of the novel, Imran and Colonel Faridi have nightmares, then a series of heart-wrenching events begin and Julia and Rosa are kidnapped and made prisoners of a terrifying black world.

To help them, Imran and Colonel Faridi go to the black world, where they both have to go through a terrible environment with their fellow girls Julia and Rosa, which shakes the souls of all four. By the way, in this novel, Imran and Colonel Faridi’s colleagues also work on their own.

This is a horror novel, so weak-hearted people should avoid reading it, but strong-hearted people should read it alone at night, which will make reading the novel double the fun, and the same is the way to read horror stories.

کالا جادو ایم اے راحت

Detective novels Writing horror stories is not a new thing, but writers of detective characters have been writing horror stories for a long time.

Mr. Akram Allahabadi had written some very scary novels about the character named Dracula in his famous characters Khan Bale series and this series became very popular. Mr. Ibn Kaleem Sahib wrote horror novels in the Imran series under the name of Snow Monster which became very popular.

S. Qureshi Sahib wrote a novel called Neela Kenchowa about one of Pramod’s colleagues in spy roles, which was a great mystery novel. M.L. Qadri had written the Zinda Lash Ki series in the Imran series of novels which was quite scary کالا جادو ایم اے راحت.

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Honorable Mr. Mazhar Kaleem Sahib’s first transcendental novel, “Zero Lastly,” was followed by many mysterious and transcendental novels. Many transcendental novels from my dear friends Mr. Zaheer Ahmed and Mr. Irshad Jafari’s Imran series have passed through your eyes. I request that you bless me with your useful suggestions so that I can write a novel based on your useful ideas. I want permission now.

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