Pakistan Movement In Urdu Complete PDF free download

Pakistan Movement In Urdu Complete PDF
Pakistan Movement In Urdu Complete PDF

Pakistan Movement In Urdu Complete PDF Muslims and Hindus had coexisted peacefully in India for generations, but after the British conquest of South Asia and their disproportionate support for Hindus, life for Indian Muslims became exceedingly difficult. In actuality, a large group of Muslims distinct country that consistently upheld their religious identity. Despite their best attempts, the British and Hindus were unable to sever the Muslim people from one another or from their love of their country. This sense of loyalty to their national identity and religious identity is largely responsible for Pakistan’s formation. For the reasons listed below, the Muslims of the Indo-Pak Subcontinent demanded their own country.

intention to create an Islamic State

For Muslims, Islam is a full way of life, and they want to, put it into practice in both their individual and communal lives. An Islamic society only devoid of any other non-Islamic influences must first be established before the Islamic way of life or Islamic philosophy can be put into practice. One of the reasons for wanting a separate homeland was the desire to find an Islamic State.

Concept of Two Nations Pakistan Movement In Urdu Complete PDF

The Two Nation Theory, which holds believe Muslims and Hindus belong to different cultures and cannot coexist, played a significant part in the desire for a separate country. Once, Quaid-e-Azam said:

Despite coexisting in the same towns and villages, Muslims and Hindus never formed a single nation. They were always two distinct things.

In order to live individually and collectively in accordance with Islamic principles, Muslims should have their own state.

History of Complicity

When Muhammad Bin Qasim established the Islamic state in the subcontinent after defeating Raja Dahir, Hindu and Muslim historical collaboration began. Under Muslim rule, Hindus and Muslims engaged in a lot of combat. The historical conspiracy persisted under the British Regime as well. Hindus attempted to denigrate Muslim culture and way of life while working with the British, but their efforts were ineffective. In such a situation, Muslims decided to demand their own homeland because their future was obvious.

British and Hindus

The British had misgivings about Muslims’ loyalty because they had taken away their power. Thus, Hindus and the British joined forces to subjugate Muslims on a moral, social, economic, and political level. They excluded Muslims from all positions of authority while reserving all higher civil, judicial, and military posts for only British citizens. The British educational system took the place of the Islamic one. Following that, Muslims were compelled to convert to Christianity, enroll their kids in coeducational schools, and give up purdah. Because of this, Muslims decided to establish a separate nation after growing tired of both the British and Hindus.

Conclusion Pakistan Movement In Urdu Complete PDF

The Muslims believed that if they did, they would become invisible. they continued to be a component of Hindu culture owing to the aforementioned circumstances as well as the harsh attitude of the British and Congress. They left Congress as a result, claiming that they were a distinct country from Hindus, and sought separate land. As stated by Quaid-e-Azam

Muslims requested a country called Pakistan where they could rule according to their own way of life, cultural evolution, Islamic law, and customs.

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