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An Introduction to Gender Studies by JWT

We hope this compilation, which resulted in the form of a joint venture, will prove to be a
The best guide in An Introduction to Gender Studies by JWT assists competitive exam students not only in obtaining maximum marks but also in comprehending the true implications of gender studies knowledge.

First and foremost, we honour those in our field who stand on the front lines of academic
research, day in and day out, with little pay, little recognition, and little thanks for what they do.
Yet these people have huge hearts, true dedication, and an amazing wealth of knowledge and
experience to share their work through sources which are easily accessible and openly available. We wish to recognize, pay homage to, and acknowledge the work of our fellow social scientists because the compilation of this book would not have been possible if we did not consult the work of these brilliant minds. For this compilation, data has been taken from multiple resources.

Therefore, we would like to acknowledge all those authors whose work has been utilized to cater for the academic needs of students. There are other silent heroes we wish to honour. Each person who contributes to supporting our projects in the field is a hero to us. we hope to honour the silent heroes who donate their own supplies, their own money, or their own time to help support the causes we believe in.

And finally, we wouldn’t be compiling this book if it weren’t for the silent heroes in our own personal life that stood beside us, cheering us on as we walked our own path in the world. Our parents are heroes to us for putting in years of hard work so that we could have the privilege of getting an education and pursuing our dreams. We honour our parents as silent heroes who recognized the importance of allowing us to follow our hearts, as this is how one can truly make a difference in the world.

An Introduction to Gender Studies by JWT
An Introduction to Gender Studies by JWT

In one year, since the first edition of this book, we have received numerous email messages and letters from CSS aspirants commenting on the book and suggesting how it could be improved. We have also built up a large file of ideas based on our own experiences in reading writing, editing and in examining and supervising essays written by students. With the aid of all this information, we have completely revised the book.

The most obvious changes in this second edition are the new articles. Since many of the readers of the book are CSS candidates, advice on how to write a Gender focused Essay and how to handle Feministic debates was a natural addition. The revised chapters from the first edition contain new articles related to feminist thought with the addition of updated qualitative and quantitative facts.

We have minimized the number of URLs (Web addresses) given, for two reasons. First, URLs can and do change over time. Second, we think we have provided enough information regarding this subject in this book that students do not need to invoke their favourite search engines from Web browsers.

The subject of gender-based writing can easily become dull and boring, so to liven it up we have added some quotes Information Boxes and so on. The new edition contains many more of these. The material has been updated.

Many new editions of books are referenced and over 30 new references have been added. In this book, efforts have been made to present the content in a more holistic manner and the most important aspect is that it has been compiled to cater for the needs of competitive exams Aspirants.

We hope this collective venture of our team proves to be a good source for the students who are opting for Gender studies as an optional subject for CSS. We admit the fact that there is always room for improvement therefore; constructive suggestions for the improvement of this book are always welcome.

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