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Mdcat Special Edition 2021 book by Moin Publication 2021 Free PDF

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The Mdcat Special Edition 2021 book I prepared for ETEA (KPK) was appreciated and proved to be encouraging for me to put out this book, which is prepared to meet the current requirements of the students for MDCAT. Although I believe this book still has many shortcomings, it is an excellent resource for MDCAT preparation.

InshaAllah you will find this book helpful while having your preparation for MDCAT.

A lot of work was done in the improvement and updating of this book, and we tried our level best to make it accurate and error-free. But no one is perfect; there is always room for improvement. If you find any type of mistake or have any suggestions, feel free to contact me. So that I am may eradicate it in the next edition. Wishing you all the success!.

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Mdcat Special Edition 2021 book by Moin Publication 2021
Mdcat Special Edition 2021 book by Moin Publication 2021

HOW TO USE THIS Mdcat Special Edition 2021 book

The aim of writing and publishing this book is actually to give an overview of the MDCAT
paper so that students can prepare accordingly. After going through the pages of this book students will be knowing that what points are most important, and how to prepare for MDCAT. the book may be used as a tool for quick self-a use Stent as a student finishes a chapter of a textbook.

Selection of proper books, especially for exams like the MDCAT is too much necessary as this test depends upon techniques more than study. In the near past, I found this book the best of all for my juniors who have succeeded to go through this very tough examination. This guide enables students to get too much of what they study in an easy way & in a short time.

All FSc students are advised to give time to this book on a daily basis and note techniques and formulas. which will help them to solve all MCQs. s of the same pattern which will obviously improve their score on the test. According to my personal experience the more you study and practice MCQs, s the more you get alert and understand.

How to Prepare for the Test: Three Golden Tips:

  1. The first tip is Don’t Cram the syllabus and prepare the whole syllabus as the entry test is totally comprised of the MCQs so no one knows in which it will come.
  2. Review your subject keenly, thoroughly, and with understanding. Memorizing becomes useful and easier after understanding the contents under review. Start early when you have plenty of time and browse at a relaxed pace. Don’t wait until the last few days to start preparing for the test or asking people to show you a shortcut. There are no shortcuts. The more time you give yourself, the more familiar you will become with the subject matter and the better you will feel about being prepared.
  1. Practice, Practice, and More Practice to solve the MCQ.s.

Some other tips For Before and During Test:

Candidate should have complete rest before the exam If it is possible then try to not change your eating habit and eat whatever you eat daily in your normal routine. Do not take any kind of interest in your surroundings during test hours. Do not rush too much to finish your exam early because it is worth no prize.

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On the Day of the Test;

  1. No need to panic to see the crowd there. All of them are not there to qualify for it. Only 30 percent will pass the
  2. When the test will be given to you start with the name of Allah (SWT).
  3. First, go through each and every question and attempt the easy ones first. Leave the difficult ones or which
    are to be solved.
  4. Don’t be confused after your first quick go.. you attempted less number of MCQs.
  5. In the second go try to attempt all of them. Do educated guesses on all of them.
  6. Don’t be afraid of negative markings.
  7. Don’t be defensive in attempting questions.
  8. Don’t panic if you don’t know. Just try it through educated guess.

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