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Islamiat in URDU by Hafiz Karim Chughtai Full PDF Free

Islamiat in URDU by Hafiz Karim Chughtai Full PDF
Islamiat in URDU by Hafiz Karim Chughtai Full PDF

Islamiat in URDU by Hafiz Karim URDU Islamiyat Published by Hafiz Karim Chugtai Caravan. We respectfully thank Allah Almighty for giving the book exceptional national recognition among readers and students in general and CSS/PMS!PCS hopefuls in particular. This is demonstrated by the fact that, after its initial release in August 2015.

Over 58,300 copies of the book—33,000 in English and 25,300 in Urdu—have been sold on the market as of this writing. We would especially want to express our gratitude to the Common Training Programs (CTP) CSPs and CSS-2016, CSS-2017, CSS-2018, CSS-2019, and CSS-2020 CSS-2021 applicants who provided extremely encouraging feedback. Since the book addresses the requirements of all these competitive examinations, the aspirants of PMS Punjab, PMS KP, PCS Sindh, PCS Balochistan, and CCE-GB, among others, have also appreciated our modest efforts Islamiat in URDU by Hafiz Karim.

It is important to note that nearly all of the questions from the last five years’ worth of CSS, PMS, PCS, and other exam papers have been adequately covered in this book, making it thorough and useful for securing a high score.

Islamiat in URDU by Hafiz Karim

Since the publication of the first edition of this work, readers, competitive aspirants, students, seniors, teachers, and well-wishers have not only praised the book’s overall contents, standard, presentation, and comprehensiveness but have also provided critical feedback and made a number of recommendations for future revisions. Through yet another thorough exercise, the book has been quantitatively shrunk and qualitatively improved. URDU Islamiyat According to Hafiz Karim Dad Chugtai Caravan.


PPSC Siraj Islamiat Lazmi Jahangir World Times

PPSC Siraj Islamiat Lazmi Jahangir World Times

For all Combined Comitative Examinations, the book is extremely helpful.


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