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ASF ASI CPl Written Test books 2022-23 free

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ASF (ASI & CPl) Written Test books 2022-23
ASF (ASI & CPl) Written Test books 2022-23

Introduction to Airport Security Force (ASF)

ASF ASI CPl Written Test books 2022-23 In the late 60s, of the preceding century, the civil aviation industry endured worldwide shocks of violence and sustained criminal attacks at the hands of terrorists.

Initially, the overall response to an onslaught of developing crime was varying from state to state. However, by 1970 the world community recognized the problems of unlawful interference with civil aviation and developed a strategy of response through various conventions ASF ASI CPl Written Test books.

Pakistan, a signatory to all of these conventions, established a Force to protect Pakistani civil aviation. Under the terms of the ASF Act of 1975, ASF was initially established in 1976 as the Department of Civil Aviation’s tenth directorateASF ASI CPl Written Test books.

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Following the hijacking of the PIA jet in March 1981, ASF was separated in December 1983 and is now a part of the Ministry of Aviation Division after perceiving the conflict between the needs for security and convenience.

ASF began its journey by controlling the security of 7 main airports with a small staff of 2870 personnel across all grades. It was thereafter ordered to employ 8945 people to handle security at all 42 Pakistani airportsASF ASI CPl Written Test books.

The Pakistani government has given ASF the responsibility of ensuring airport security in compliance with the guidelines established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

In order to anticipate and fight the risks posed to the history of civil aviation, aviation security in Pakistan is built on VISIBLE DETERRENCE, MULTIPLE CHECKS, and layered securityASF ASI CPl Written Test books.

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This is ensured by using all of the available resources in terms of manpower and materials. In addition, ASF recognizes security and facilitation as critical links in the aviation system and works to strike a balance between the two ASF ASI CPl Written Test books.

ASF secures the airports by making the following provisions to carry out the goals of this concept ASF ASI CPl Written Test books:

  • Access Control System
  • Passenger & Baggage Screening
  • Entry of Vehicles to Airside
  • Air Cargo Security
  • Security of Catering
  • Perimeter Security
  • Car Parks Security
  • Intelligence Coverage
  • Effective Supervision and Monitoring


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  • Increasing criminal activities
  • Technological Changes
  • System vulnerabilities
  • Congestion of meters/greeters


Women in ASF

Female officials are an important and active component of the Airports Security Force. They play role in almost all fields and every aspect of civil aviation security. The female officials have imparted training in various fields like Anti-Terrorist Unarmed Combat, Martial Arts, Close Quarter Battle (CQB), Intelligence, Screeners, CCTV Operator, Administrative Duties, etc to provide them equal opportunities of employment like the male staff. The services of female ASF personnel are utilized as:-

  • Air guard, to provide in-flight security
  • Instructors, to train other female staff
  • Screener, to operate the baggage screening machine
  • Intelligence duties, to provide pre-hand threat information
  • Computer operators-Office job


  • To provide world-class security service to people from various different countries.
  • Commitment to your work, working extra hours when needed.
  • The ability to deal with thousands of passengers on a daily basis conducting
  • searches on passengers, luggage, and vehicles. people detained by immigration
  • and random searches on airport staff
  • Confiscation of prohibited items
  • Regular patrols of the airport act as a visual deterrent as well as looking
  • for any damage to the building so it can be reported
  • Ensuring that passengers do not enter any unauthorized access parts of the
  • airport by refusing entry and responding to calls that there has been a breach
  • of security
  • Make accurate reports on any problems such as luggage confiscated,
  • persons detained, trespassing, and damages to the building
  • Assisting in the evacuation of passengers in emergency situations
  • ……………….

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