Master Your English PREPOSITION in Urdu PDF Free

Master Your English PREPOSITION in Urdu PDF Free
Master Your English PREPOSITION in Urdu PDF Free

What is Proposition

Read the following sentences:

1. The cap is on the table. ٹوپی میز پر ہے۔

2. The cap is under the table. نوبی میز کے نیچے ہے۔

3. The cap is near the table. ٹوپی میز کے قریب ہے۔

4. The cap is behind the table. ٹونی میز کے پیچھے ہے۔

5. The cap is beside the table. ٹوپی میز کے پاس ہے۔

6. The cap is above the table. ٹوپی میز سے اوپر ہے۔

7. The cap is below the table. ٹوپی میز سے نیچے ہے۔

Each of the above sentences contains a word that not only shows the relation between the cap and the table but also indicates the position of the cap. Such words are called Prepositions.

The need of students and English language learners persists despite the abundance of English grammar books available. Because of this flaw, you are currently holding a book on “preposition” articles.

Master Your English PREPOSITION

This book includes a thorough definition as well as an in-depth discussion of it. Additionally noted are its appropriate application, kinds, and common errors. Reading this book will enable you to use English appropriately and in the future, as well as develop your language skills.

The exercises in this book are what really matter. Regular exercises are given to the students to help them develop their skills. The answer is provided at the book’s conclusion Master Your English PREPOSITION.

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