To The Point BA English Grammar & Composition by Aftab Ahmed Free

To The Point BA English Grammar
BA English Grammar & Composition by Aftab Ahmed

To The Point BA English Grammar Save To The Point BA/Graduation English Grammar and Composition Helping Book in PDF. for Bahaudin Zakria University, AJK University, Islamia University, Sargodha University, and GC University Faisalabad. Professor Aftab Ahmad is the book’s author. This book contains English Common Errors (solved), Phrases, Phrasal Verbs, Comprehension, Precis Writing, Direct, Indirect, English Tenses, Translation Paragraphs, Applications, Letters, Dialogue Writing, Essays Writing, Universities Past Papers, and Paragraphs for Translation. Most Recommended English Book for BA, BSC, BS Honors, etc To The Point BA English Grammar.

To The Point BA English Grammar

For BA students, this is a straightforward and useful English composition book.
Writing essays will become simpler for you as a result of using this book to develop your compositional skills.
Enhance your writing abilities to earn higher grades on your papers.

based on the most recent syllabus and the newest examination format

Nouns and Related Issues
Employing Articles
Problems Associated with Pronouns
Adverbs & Adjectives
Comparatives & Adjectives
Prepositional usage
Conditions & Aspirations
Tenses and Forms of Verbs
Action and state verbs
Infinitive and Participle Verbs
Active and passive verbs
Connecting Words
Various Rules of Correct Revision
Exercises for practice

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