The Military and Politics in Pakistan 1947-1997 free


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The Military & Politics in Pakistan 1947-1997 By Hasan Askari Rizvi.pdf
The Military & Politics in Pakistan 1947-1997 By Hasan Askari Rizvi.pdf

Pakistan’s Military and Politics, 1947–1997

The Military and Politics in Pakistan 1947-1997 In order to explain why and how a professional military might have a political inclination. This book conducts a thorough and detailed analysis of the military’s role in Pakistan’s society and politics. Three groups of factors have been examined in relation to the major themes. The dynamics of civil society and the operation of political institutions and processes. The military establishment and its organizational resources and corporate and professional interests. And the interaction across functional boundaries between the military and civil and its implications for the power balance in the polity The Military and Politics in Pakistan.

It is convenient for the senior commanders to increase their role and even assume power. Because of the flaws in the political and civil institutions.

.and their inability to handle the various demands placed on the political system. However, military action is not always a long-term solution and contributes to the broader issue of weak civilian institutions and political degradation The Military and Politics in Pakistan.

About Author Hassan Askari

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In 2018, A political scientist named Hassan Askari Rizvi a military analyst from Pakistan held the position of interim Punjab’s head of state. He is renowned for his work on nuclear weapons, comparative politics, and domestic policy The Military and Politics in Pakistan.

Hassan Askari presently holds the position of emeritus professor at Punjab University in Lahore’s political science section. Hassan Askari is a famous person on television. as well, and he frequently contributes to the political and domestic news on the major news channels in the nation. He also taught at the Pakistan Virtual University. He is regarded as having extensive experience working with foreign news media, universities, and international think tanks.

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