The ATC cancels Rana Sanaullah’s non-bailable arrest warrants.

Tuesday in Gujranwala, an anti-terrorism court denied the non-bailable arrest warrants issued for Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah. The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader was directed by the court to post a bail bond of Rs. 500,000.

PML-N leader is required to post an Rs. 500,000 bail bond.

Mr. Sanaullah appeared in court to discuss the non-bailable arrest warrants for him; after the hearing, he spoke to the media.

He blasted and blamed the previous administration for the nation’s current security issues and charged PTI with facilitating the entry of terrorists.

According to the interior ministry, Mr. Khan was granted bail, and the law had not yet been applied. Mr. Sanaullah asserted that Mr. Khan would be held accountable and that this would happen.

He continued that the country would descend into disorder if the assembly elections were held separately because the Imran scam and democracy cannot coexist. On October 8, voting should take place nationwide.

He said he was referencing Imran Khan’s political career and denied making any death threats.

Also, Mr. Sanaullah asserted that PTI would bring about so much harm that only persecution would remain. However, he denied inviting anyone to the court and asserted that only attorneys showed up there.