Fawad is actively pursuing PDM.

Fawad Chaudhry, a senior leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), attacked the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) on Sunday, claiming that the populace would “thwart the efforts of the aristocrats in a bid to create the situation of North Korea in the country.”

Mr. Chaudhry attacked his political rivals on Twitter, writing, “The PDM wants to continue ruling while polarising all state institutions. These parties (PDM) are campaigning against the Supreme Court (SC) to avoid the elections.

He urged the populace not to give up their rights by clarifying that if the Supreme Court’s order is not carried out, the Sri Lankan model will need to be used.

When the audios from the Prime Minister’s House and Prime Minister’s Office were leaked, we regularly sought the Supreme Court and argued that the practice of audio leaks is destructive, Mr. Chaudhry said in response to the audio leak complaint. Who else will be kept safe if the office of the nation’s leader, where every meeting has been recorded, is insecure? Where in a developed country do such agencies play such a crucial role? Mr. Chaudhry related the story.

“The plea in connection with the audio leaks has not been heard in the top court despite months passing,” lamented the former federal minister. The third-class mentality is now prevalent among judges, politicians, public servants, and homemakers.

According to the Fair Trial Act, engaging in illegal phone tapping carries up to three years in prison, according to Mr. Chaudhry.