Imran thinks that fascism is roiling the nation.

Imran Khan, the leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), asserted on Wednesday that fascism has taken over the entire nation.

The ousted prime minister lamented, “The way we have sunk into becoming a banana republic where there is no rule of law and only the law of the jungle,” on Twitter. Another entity that considers itself completely above the law is in charge of this reign of terror rather than puppets of the PDM. Sham FIRs are then filed after our individuals are kidnapped.

Regarding the cases brought against him, Mr. Khan stated, “As soon as bail is granted in one FIR, another FIR appears. I have more than 145 FIRs pending. It’s an FIR circus. My caretaker for Bani Gala, my cook for Zaman Park, our social media manager Waqas, and my security chief Ghumman were all kidnapped and tortured to upgrade their software.

Ali Amin Gandapur was arrested, and Mr. Khan commented, “Ali Amin secured bail in one bogus case, then another FIR popped up. This time, the cops are transporting him to Lahore.

Mr. Khan insisted that Ali Amin was discharged from the hospital before he had stabilized, despite getting sick and being rushed to the hospital.

Mr. Khan claimed on Monday that the Punjab Assembly elections needed funding from the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) for the constitution to be upheld in the nation.

The deposed premier remarked to the media outside the courtroom: “Even though the constitution says that negotiations are unnecessary, we are doing negotiations for the sake of elections.” There is no chance of holding the elections after 90 days. According to the constitution, elections cannot last for longer than 90 days.

Mr. Khan believed that the administrator should take over and replace the temporary system so that the province’s elections could be held. He said that the temporary administration was carrying out political vengeance.

Who is saying that we had tense relations with the US and KSA? Mr. Khan questioned. General Bajwa demanded an extension, so he started a campaign against our government. Two OIC sessions were conducted in the nation in three months. Has this ever occurred in the nation?

Who is willing to communicate with the current administration? Added he.

The country is already seeing grave violations of fundamental human rights, according to Mr. Khan.