According to FM Bilawal, Pakistan used Indian propaganda against Muslims during the SCO meeting.

After attending a conference of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation in India, Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has returned to Karachi.

At a press conference, he stated that Pakistan had presented its position on Kashmir to the SCO’s members and that the country’s attitude toward the dispute had not changed.

He claimed the SCO moot brought up several important issues and exposed India’s lies to marginalize Muslims.

When asked about the Indian external ministry’s comments, he replied that the minister reflected the views of the BJP, which advocate policies against Muslims, and that the Indian ruling party even sought to brand me a terrorist.

The foreign minister said the BJP is trying to paint every Muslim as a terrorist, but the SCO members have accepted Pakistan’s sacrifices because of terrorism.

He then said that the Central Asian governments wanted to join the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and that all member nations except India recognized the potential of the CPEC.

While acknowledging the importance of mending fences between the two countries, he insisted that India’s position on Kashmir could not be discussed seriously until Article 370-A was adopted.