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After 18 years, Fazal Mahmood remains a beloved figure.

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It has been eighteen years since the passing of Fazal Mahmood, a prominent figure in Pakistan cricket who played a significant role in the country’s attainment of test-playing status. Mahmood was known for his height, fair complexion, blue eyes, and overall attractive appearance.

The individual in question played a significant role in Pakistan’s momentous triumph at the Oval test match held in England.

Fazal Mahmood was born on February 18, 1920, in Lahore. He is tall with fair skin, neatly combed hair, and blue eyes visible behind dark eyelashes. The individual commenced his career in first-class cricket in United India by competing in the Ranji Trophy.

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The individual experienced significant distress upon not being chosen for the 1946 England tour. During the period above, Quaid-i-Azam was acquainted with Fazl Mahmood upon visiting Islamia College Lahore. Quaid-i-Azam expressed great satisfaction upon receiving news of his cricket performance.

Fazl commenced his professional journey against India on October 16, 1952, following the formation of Pakistan. In 1954, Fazl Mahmood’s visit to England included an encounter with the Queen of Great Britain, during which she admired the blue color of his eyes.

In the Oval Test, Fazl Mahmood achieved a significant milestone for Pakistan by taking 12 wickets and restricting England to 99 runs, resulting in a memorable victory for his team. Wisden Cricketer of the Year was conferred upon him in 1955. In August 1962, he concluded his cricket career by participating in the final test match against England and bidding farewell.

In 1947, Fazl Mahmood commenced his career in the police department as an inspector. In 1976, he was appointed as the deputy inspector general of police. The government of Pakistan awarded Fazal Mahmood the Pride of Performance and Hilal Imtiaz in recognition of his outstanding performance. He expired on May 30, 2005.

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In October 2021, following a transparent voting process, the Pakistan Cricket Board posthumously inducted him into the Hall of Fame list.

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