“Debunking the Top 5 Myths About Health Insurance”

Several misunderstandings about buying health insurance online may make some people hesitant to do so. These misconceptions make choosing a plan and understanding how to utilize it more difficult. During the most recent budget session, changes were made to medical claim policies that should make it easier for insurance buyers to choose suitable plans. Here are some common misconceptions about medical coverage:

Myth 1

Let’s say you have health insurance through your company. In that instance, you cannot apply for separate private health insurance to help with the high costs. Buying a health insurance policy when you retire is a big financial commitment. If you want to save money on health insurance, getting it when you’re younger and in better health is best.’

"Debunking the Top 5 Myths About Health Insurance"

Myth 2

Most people worry that people who smoke or drink heavily won’t be able to get insurance. However, this is not the case. Those who pass a medical examination and are deemed healthy enough to get insurance benefits can purchase mediclaim policies in India. However, due to the increased risk associated with such people, they may need to pay a higher premium and submit to rigorous health examinations before issuing health insurance.

Myth 3

Some young people don’t need health insurance since they’re healthy. But remember that danger seldom announces itself in advance. Anyone can be seriously hurt in an accident, and depending on the extent of their injuries, the associated medical costs might quickly go into the lakhs. Health insurance coverage can no longer be afforded financially without being purchased online.

Myth 4

When a policyholder needs medical care, that’s when insurance kicks in. This is a wholly incorrect interpretation. The negative impact of technology has led to numerous advancements in the medical field. These days, health insurance will pay for anything from a hospital stay to a visit to the doctor.

Myth 5

There is a common misperception among policyholders that their health insurance covers everything. Be as honest as possible when filling out the application; if any information is determined to be false, the application will be denied. Policyholders have to follow tight requirements during the first six months if they want to file a claim.

Myth 6

My obligation to pay the insurance company’s bills is implicit in my premium payment. The ramifications of this are unclear. The premium you pay each month to be a part of your health insurance plan is called your installment.

Your doctor will file a claim with your health insurance company after your visit. After your health insurance company files your claim, you will receive an Explanation of Benefits detailing the services rendered and your portion of the bill. An electronic copy of the document is sent to your doctor along with the physical inspection.