Supreme Court won’t accept any justifications and will uphold the constitution in the Punjab election issue. Bandial, C.J.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Umar Ata Bandial, delivered a speech on Sunday at a seminar on the judiciary’s role in maintaining lawful order and safeguarding the constitutional rights of citizens. The conference took place in a five-star hotel in Lahore.

In a presentation at a seminar on the subject “Rights for Minorities in the Constitution of Pakistan,” the Chief Justice of Pakistan emphasized how important it is to maintain the Constitution and protect the rights of the country’s various minority populations.

This speaker remembers the late Justice AR Cornelius, a longtime Supreme Court justice widely regarded as a reasonable judge and an honest guy.

In response to a question on an ongoing election case in Punjab, Chief Justice Bandial stated that the court would not be looking for loopholes but strictly stick to the Constitution instead. He stressed that a judge’s ruling is final if no appeals are filed.

The historic rulings of Justice Cornelius in Pakistan's legal system have earned him widespread acclaim.

More than 80,000 people have been slain, according to the head of Pakistan’s court system, in the country’s continuous fight against terrorist organizations.

He emphasized how important it was for the Supreme Court to play a role in protecting the rights of all citizens by ensuring that the law was followed.

The chief justice went on to emphasize the need forustices who possessed the same qualities as Justice Cornelius intoaintain the integrity of the judicial system. He stated that the decisions of the judicial branch carry significant moral weight and that one of the court’s essential obligations is to preserve the Constitution.

In 1955, Justice Cornelius made news when he decided that the governor-general should not be able to dissolve parliament. His decision was based on the principle that this power violated the Constitution. It was mainly due to his efforts that the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) was allowed to resume its activities in 1964.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Bandial, emphasized the importance of dialogue and education in developing a better nation. He emphasized once more that everyone is responsible for abiding by the law and that evading the truth is the same as evading justice.