The arrest of Imran Khan in the Al-Qadir Trust case has created a palpable air of dread.

On Tuesday, former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Imran Khan were arrested in connection with the Al-Qadir Trust case by a team of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) with the assistance of the Rangers, drawing the attention of the IHC. The NAB decided that because Imran Khan had ignored its notices, his detention was “completely in line with the law and as per NAB ordinance.”

After appearing in two cases at the Islamabad High Court, Imran Khan’s cousin Saifullah Niazi said the PTI leader had been arrested there. He’s now working out of the NAB Rawalpindi branch. Pakistan Rangers soldiers aided the NAB team’s operation.

The IHC has reportedly agreed to hear Bushra Bibi’s appeal against the NAB investigation into the matter.

Faisal Chaudhry, Imran Khan’s PTI attorney, has also confirmed his client’s arrest.

Imran Khan’s arrest warrant

Lt. Gen. Nazir Ahmed, Chairman of the NAB, signed the arrest warrant for Imran. By Section 9(a) of the National Accountability Ordinance, 1999, it was said that the PTI leader had been charged with corruption and corrupt practices.

IHC “occupied by the Rangers” and “lawyers are being tortured,” PTI Vice President Fawad Chaudhry tweeted in response to Imran Khan’s arrest. “Imran Khan’s car had been surrounded,” he said.

The Rangers team that arrested the PTI leader

IHC springs into action

Within 15 minutes, Chief Justice Amir Farooq of the Islamabad High Court called the IGP and the Secretary of the Interior to appear. He emphasized the importance of making it clear in which case Imran Khan was arrested, and it was wrong, he said.

If the IGP and the Secretary of the Interior did not attend court, he said he would not hesitate to call on Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif. He went even further, threatening to sue the prime minister and other cabinet members. The police chief later showed up in court and testified that Imran Khan’s arrest was lawful per the warrant. He denied that the PTI leader had been tortured.

PTI torture claim

The PTI leader’s attorney, Barrister Gohar Khan, claimed Imran was ‘tortured’ during his arrest at the IHC. He claimed that the Rangers had arrested the former prime minister and that while doing so, they had beaten Imran in the head and the leg. During the arrest, the wheelchair used by the PTI leader, he said, was thrown aside.

Paramilitary forces and armored personnel carriers reportedly followed Imran into the IHC shortly after he entered the entrance. The witness said witnesses said the armored vehicles sealed the gate, and Mr. Khan was quickly taken away under tight protection.

The PTI broadcast footage of the arrest showing dozens of security guards in riot gear escorting Mr. Khan to a waiting van. A message left for Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb seeking comment on the detention went unanswered.

There have been over a hundred cases filed against Mr. Khan since he was removed from power in a parliamentary vote in April of last year, including this one for graft. During his five-year term, he only served four. In the past, attempts to apprehend him in Lahore sparked battles between his fans and the police.

Officials from the anti-graft authority claimed that arrest warrants had been issued for Mr. Khan by the National Accountability Bureau last week in connection with a graft case for which he had not obtained bail.

The authorities, who requested anonymity, said Mr. Khan would be taken into custody later on Tuesday and brought before an anti-graft tribunal.

Islamabad IGP, additional Secretary of the Interior, appears before IHC.

Meanwhile, Islamabad’s police chief, Akbar Nasir Khan, testified before the IHC and claimed that Imran Khan was lawfully detained. He went on to say that the NAB might enlist the aid of any organization to carry out its mission.

The court was unhappy that the Secretary had not shown up. The court was recessed for half an hour while the director general of NAB and the prosecutor general were brought in from Rawalpindi. After a short break, the court resumed the trial. Responding to inquiries from the IHC chief justice, the Director General of NAB Rawalpindi and the prosecutor general appeared in court.

Tomorrow (Wednesday), Imran Khan will be before the accountability court judge,, who will decide on the physical remand.

Medical boards const, situated for checkups

A seven-member medical team was constituted for the checkups. Examination of Imran Khan. h heads the team, Faridullah heads the team, Faridullah heads the team, Faridullah heads the teamDr Faridullah heads the team,, and it would present its report Faridullah heads the team in the NAB office or shifts to the Polyclinic Hospital.

Another mediate cal board of the PIMS was constituted to examine Imran Khan.

Govt claim

Rana Sanaullah, the interior minister, said Imran had ignored court summonses. The interior minister stated that the National Accountability Bureau had been arrested because the suspect was responsible for billions of dollars arrested government.

Al-Qadir Trust case

The Al-Qadir University Project Trust is rumored to involve Imran Khan, his wife,, Bushra Bibi, and their close associrumoredfiqar Bukhari and Babar Awan. Based on what you know now about Mr. Khan, Mr. Bukhari, and Mr. Awan, you may extrapolate that they are all liars.

It has been noted that “Bani Gala House, Islamabad,,” is the location of the trust’s administrative offices.

A private company with interests in the real estate industry reportedly donated to the trustees after they signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The firm gave the trust a plot of land that was 458 canals, 4 marla, and 58 square feet in size. Bushra Bibi signed the MoUcanalsrch 2019 to finalize the necessary paperwork.