“The Smart Move: 6 Crucial Considerations for Health Insurance Policy Renewal”

Health insurance is necessary to help you and your fam out in a medical crisis. OMG, a big sickness can drain your bank account. Med needs can’t be slept on. All health insurance is purchased for a fixed period and must be renewed when the expiry date nears.

Before your health insurance policy expires, make sure to renew it.

U should def renew your insurance policy on time because even though insurance companies give you a grace period of 10-15 days if you’re late, they won’t cover you during that time. If you want to keep getting that sweet, sweet coverage with no breaks renewed, your policy must be 10-15 days before it expires.

Compare with different plans available in the market.

If you’re not vibing with your current health insurer, you can peep at other options that fit your needs. Renewal is the perfect time to flex and peep all the lit plans in the market. By switching health insurance providers, you can avoid losing your no-claims bonus (NCB) and avoid having to wait out any mandatory waiting periods.

Check for any change in the Terms & Conditions of the policy.

The inspo company has to give you a heads-up three months before they switch up their T&Cs. So, like, if you’re not vibing with the terms and conditions, you can tweak the insurance plan when it’s time to renew.

Change in the number of insureds if required.

U can flex your fam on your policy when you renew it. U may need 2 add a parent or child l8r. U can only do these updates n add-ons when you renew your health ins policy.

Many couples get their policies and then add their fam to the policy for extra tax perks. Bruh, keep this in mind if you want to add more names later in the policy.

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