What Turkiye’s voters say during the runoff election

According to Reuters, two locations are involved in this news story: Ankara and Istanbul. Several viewpoints from Turkish citizens are presented as the nation underwent a political decision overflow on Sunday. This decision may result in President Tayyip Erdogan’s rule extension into a third decade or a transfer of power to his opponent, Kemal Kilicdaroglu.
Located in the capital city of Ankara:

The events of the past two decades are widely known to us. As a collective, we have observed the transformation of our country. Following her vote for Erdogan, Songul Aslan, a 45-year-old homemaker, asserted, “This fact cannot be refuted.”

The decision has been made to continue improving in all aspects, focusing on enhancing our country’s progress. Although financial difficulties may arise, they are ultimately solvable issues. Turkey can overcome any obstacle, provided that steadfast determination is upheld.

Ms Gulcan Demiroz, aged 32, expressed her desire for the election to bring about a positive transformation. She added that if the expected change does not occur, she and her boyfriend are contemplating relocating abroad for a better life.

It is recommended that this country should strive for improvement. Demiroz, a textile worker, expressed her preference for Kilicdaroglu by casting her vote. She emphasized the importance of a collective of minds rather than a single, distant, authoritarian ruler.

Kemal Ustunel, aged 66, expressed that voting on the current day will secure a brighter future for the upcoming generations, including their children and grandchildren.

There is a lack of individuals within the current government who can effectively mitigate the rapidly increasing inflation. Kilicdaroglu has formed groups of knowledgeable individuals. The country is hoped to be lifted from its current situation if circumstances allow.

Burak, a 23-year-old supporter of Sinan Ogan in the first round on May 14, expressed his opinion that Kilicdaroglu may face challenges due to some of his past decisions, despite being an honest individual. The user expresses a desire to believe in the victory of a certain individual and the subsequent relief of the nation after a prolonged period. Otherwise, potential challenges may arise.

In Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey:

Turkey achieved nationhood without the establishment of a democratic system of government. The desired outcome is a Turkey with greater resilience and closer to the European Union.”Sukru Ucar, a specialist in digital marketing aged 35, expressed his desire to reside in a nation that upholds the principles of the rule of law and adheres to the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

During a previous instance, my outlook was more positive. However, I maintain the belief that a transformation will take place. In the event of Erdogan’s victory, I will consider the possibility of departing from Turkey.”

Due to his status as a global leader, I cast my vote in favour of Erdogan. My vote was based on the appreciation of his contributions to Turkey. The individual made a lasting impact on the healthcare system. According to Omer Kosekol, a 58-year-old construction worker, the individual in question was involved in the construction of roads.

Our admiration for Erdogan is profound. Assuming divine approval, the individual will emerge victorious. According to Nuran, a voter at the Istanbul polling station where Erdogan also voted, the country faces several issues. However, Nuran believes that Erdogan is capable of resolving these problems.

Resistance ally Ali Sakrak expressed his expectation that the political decision would result in the emergence of trust. This will be a mandatory requirement for our nation and our younger population. It is expected that the residents will make the optimal decision.

Diyarbakir is the most populous city in the southeastern region of Turkey, which Kurdish people predominantly inhabit.

In the initial round of the presidential election, I provided support to Kilicdaroglu. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that the AK Party, led by Erdogan, presently maintains the majority in Parliament. Mahmut Cin, aged 29, expressed that the system’s functionality may be impeded in the event of Kilicdaroglu’s election.

My vote in favour of Erdogan during the recent election was to promote stability and prevent potential conflicts between the President and the Parliament.

No further actions will be accepted. Canan Tince, a 34-year-old homemaker, expressed her hope and determination by casting her vote for Kilicdaroglu again. She believes change is imperative to address Turkey’s issues and economic downturn.

The collaboration between the President and Parliament, where the former holds a greater role, is crucial for the future of Turkey. Faruk Gecgel, a retired individual aged 54, expressed his preference for Erdogan, citing stability as the primary reason.

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