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Even after earning 29 gold medals, the MBBS graduate is still without a job.

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Even after earning 29 gold medals, the MBBS graduate is still without a job.
Even after earning 29 gold medals, the MBBS graduate is still without a job.

The city of Lahore, located in Pakistan, is the subject of this web article. A viral post on internet platforms features an MBBS graduate with an impressive record of 29 gold medals for academic excellence in various topics. Surprisingly, the individual has not yet secured employment despite their remarkable achievements.

Hafiz Muhammad Waleed Malik gained significant attention the previous year for earning 29 gold medals and distinctions while pursuing medical education. The previous record was achieved by a female MBBS student from King Edwards Medical College, who made 23 gold medals.

Malik asserts that the allocation of jobs within hospitals is not based on merit, attributing this to the country’s prevalent “sifarish culture.”

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Malik recently responded on Instagram, stating that he had submitted applications to several hospitals but was unsuccessful in securing employment. Additionally, he noted that personal connections rather than individual qualifications primarily influence the current work state.

Malik posted on Instagram that he had applied to over 20 hospitals but was unsuccessful in securing a job. The current state of employment predominantly relies on personal recommendations, accounting for approximately 99% of job placements, while merit-based selection constitutes a mere 1% of the overall hiring process. There is a possibility of error in my observation; however, this is the information I have gathered. The dominant factor should solely be merit. However, this system is irreparable.

Malik reported that he obtained his MBBS degree from Amiruddin Medical College in Lahore the previous year. Subsequently, he pursued a house job at the Lahore General Hospital.

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According to Malik, it is typically uncommon for private hospitals to have job openings. In the rare event that positions become available, medical graduates are generally hired based on professors’ recommendations.

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According to Malik, he has yet to obtain employment at a hospital despite several months since graduating from medical college.

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Dr. Waleed has submitted applications to over twenty hospitals but has not yet received any job offers. According to the individual, the appointments are based on ‘sifarish’ (favoritism) rather than merit.

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