Financial restrictions in the Middle East, Europe, US mark Eidul Azha.

Eidul Azha
The commencement of the Hajj season in 2023 occurred on Monday. Muslims commemorate Eid on the third day of the pilgrimage.

The following article discusses rewriting a user’s text to be more like technical writing. No additional information will be added. Muslims in various regions and countries, including the Middle East, are making preparations to observe Eidul Azha on Wednesday, despite the numerous challenges they are currently encountering. The Arab region continues to uphold the essence of the holiday, as multiple countries host daily events and festivals.

On Wednesday, Eidul Azha was observed by over 2.5 million Hajj pilgrims and Muslims in Saudi Arabia.

The commencement of the Hajj season in 2023 occurred on Monday. During the third day of the pilgrimage, Muslims commemorate the occasion known as Eidul Azha. Muslims celebrate this occasion by performing an animal sacrifice, typically involving a sheep, as a symbolic representation of Prophet Abraham’s obedience to Allah’s directive to sacrifice his son. In response to Ibrahim’s unwavering dedication, Allah substituted a sheep for the intended sacrifice. Despite the region’s prevailing economic crises and ongoing armed conflicts, the Muslim community remains resolute in its commitment to commemorate the joyous occasion of Eid.

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In the Palestinian territories and Egypt, numerous individuals gathered in mosques for worship while families strolled through streets and public gardens adorned with decorations. In the war-torn region of Syria, where the economy has been severely impacted by years of conflict, charitable organizations in Damascus have undertaken proactive measures to assist the underprivileged population.

A significant influx of Arab pilgrims has been observed in Lebanon, particularly during the Eid period. This visitor surge has increased air traffic at Beirut International Airport on the holiday’s eve. As reported by the state National News Agency, a total of 356,203 visitors have been recorded in the tiny Mediterranean country since the commencement of June. The influx of funds is anticipated to provide essential financial support to a nation that debilitating economic and financial turmoil has severely impacted. According to officials, tourism revenues are expected to exceed $9 billion this year.

The festival of Eidul Azha is currently being observed throughout the United Arab Emirates (UAE) through the performance of prayers and the exchange of greetings. Following the conclusion of the Eid prayers in the morning, individuals proceeded to abattoirs to commence sacrificing their animals.

Eidul Azha was observed on Wednesday in various Middle Eastern countries, including Iran, Iraq, and Qatar.

Eidul Azha is commemorated to honor the unwavering devotion and faithfulness displayed by Prophet Ibrahim towards Allah.

Amid ongoing celebrations for Eidul Azha, Palestinians residing in Gaza will, unfortunately, experience a lack of food and gifts.

With a population exceeding 2.3 million, a significant portion of which is currently experiencing poverty, the price surge has rendered the acquisition of sheep and cows unattainable for the upcoming festive event.

Historically, sheep acquisition typically ranges from $200 to $300. However, the price of sheep has experienced a significant surge, exceeding $600. The market price for a sacrificial cow during Eid has surged to approximately $2000.

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Animal merchants express concerns regarding potential significant financial losses resulting from limited purchasing power and elevated prices.

Eidul Azha has been observed by Muslims in the United States, Canada, and Europe on Wednesday. The United States did not celebrate a public holiday, leaving most offices open. Specific individuals belonging to the Muslim faith engage in the practice of offering animal sacrifices, predominantly goats and lambs. Conversely, some provide monetary contributions to facilitate meat distribution to impoverished communities within select underprivileged nations.

On Wednesday, Eidul Azha was celebrated by Afghans.

In his Eid message, Mullah Hibbatullah Akhundzada, the Emir of the Afghan Taliban, strongly criticized Israel’s actions towards Palestinians, referring to them as a “brutal act.” Additionally, he emphasized the importance of non-interference in Afghanistan’s internal matters, highlighting that the Taliban adheres to the same principle by refraining from involvement in the internal affairs of other nations.

A total of 2,178 prisoners were released before Eidul Azha perhe directive of the supreme leader of the Taliban. As per an official statement released by the Supreme Court, 489 prisoners were granted a reprieve in their sentences during the event above.

The citizens of Afghanistan are facing challenges in their ability to perform sacrificial rituals due to an ongoing economic crisis and the imposition of Western sanctions.


The festival of Eidul Azha is scheduled to be observed on Thursday in several countries, including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore.

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