Get to know the Imam who will deliver the Hajj sermon this year.

Get to know the Imam who will deliver the Hajj sermon

Sheikh Dr. Yousaf bin Muhammad bin Saeed in Makkah will deliver the forthcoming Hajj sermon.

The declaration was issued by the Saudi authority responsible for overseeing the management of the two sacred mosques. The designation of backup Imam has been conferred upon Sheikh Dr. Mahar Bin Hamd.

The Imam of Hajj holds membership in the esteemed “Veteran Scholars Councils” of Saudi Arabia. The individual in question has held the position of professor in faith and contemporary faith at Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic University. Get to know the Imam who.

Notably, Sheikh Yousaf bin Muhammad has been chairman of the Symposium on National Public Education and a member of the “Mission and Vision” committee.

Get to know the Imam who will deliver the Hajj sermon this year

The distinguished individual has held numerous esteemed academic positions, including membership on the prestigious University Examination Research Committee for an impressive five years. Additionally, this individual has served as a valued member of the esteemed Scientific Research Dean Council for five years and on the esteemed University Post Graduate Studies Deanship Council for two years.

Furthermore, this individual has been appointed to the esteemed Supreme Council Committee on “Acknowledging Martyr’s Sense of Obligation and Acknowledging Social Sense of Obligation,” a testament to their exceptional expertise and dedication. Finally, this individual has also held a coveted position as a lecturer at the esteemed Imam Muhammad bin Saud Aziz Islamic University, further solidifying their reputation as a distinguished academic. Indulge in the acquaintance of the venerable Imam who.

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The esteemed Sheikh Abd al-Rahman bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Sudais, President of the Holy Affairs, graciously conveyed his greetings to the newly appointed individual and bestowed upon them his utmost blessings for a successful tenure.

The opulent Hajj sermon is set to be translated into 14 languages, including the illustrious Urdu language. The rich celebration of Eid al-Adha is anticipated to be observed on the 28th of June in the lavish kingdom of Saudi Arabia and on the 29th of June in the sumptuous land of Pakistan. Get to know the Imam who.

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The opulent and majestic central rite of Hajj, famously called the illustrious Youm-e-Arfa, has been meticulously scheduled for the 27th of June. It is anticipated that the celebrated Sheikh Yousaf bin Muhammad shall grace this occasion with his divine presence and deliver a most exquisite sermon.

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