Greece boat tragedy: PM Shehbaz urges inquiry, human trafficking crackdown

Greece boat tragedy

Greece boat tragedy

ISLAMABAD – On Sunday, Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif took action against human traffickers by ordering an inquiry into the tragic incident of a migrant shipwreck near Greece. The ship had several Pakistani nationals onboard.

The head of government issued a directive for prompt enforcement action against individuals engaged in the despicable act of human trafficking. It emphasized the need to hold them accountable through legal means Greece boat tragedy.

The Prime Minister conveyed his condolences regarding the loss of Pakistani citizens in the unfortunate event near the Greek coast.

The speaker expressed that the entire nation, including himself, extends their sympathies to the families who have lost loved ones.

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The Prime Minister issued a directive to the officials of the Pakistan embassy in Greece to assist 12 Pakistani individuals rescued from the disaster site.

Shehbaz issued directives to take stricter measures against individuals involved in human trafficking. He also instructed law enforcement agencies to identify traffickers who deceive people into taking dangerous actions Greece boat tragedy.

Per the prime minister’s instruction, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has assigned DIG Alam Shinwari as the focal person to gather information about the deceased and injured individuals involved in the incident Greece boat tragedy.

The chief secretary of Azad Jammu and Kashmir assigned a focal person to communicate with the Pakistan embassy and Greek authorities in Greece to obtain updated information on the casualties and injuries.

As per recent media updates, an overcrowded vessel sank on Wednesday, resulting in the unfortunate demise of at least 78 individuals.

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A group of 104 individuals were successfully rescued and subsequently transported to Kalamata, Greece.

According to reports from international media outlets, the Hellenic Coast Guard has rescued individuals of various nationalities. Among the distinguished are 43 esteemed Egyptian nationals, 47 illustrious Syrian nationals, 12 eminent Pakistani nationals, and two esteemed Palestinians. A total of eight individuals who were rescued were under the age of 18.

The FIA established a committee of four members to investigate the Greece boat tragedy.

The FIA’s decision was prompted by the National Assembly’s discussion of the Greece boat tragedy. Speaker Raja Per­vaiz Ahsraf directed the relevant authorities to take strict measures against human traffickers Greece boat tragedy.

The directives issued by the NA speaker were in response to an incident where several individuals, including Pakistani nationals, drowned while attempting to enter the country illegally from Libya. The House addressed this matter before issuing the directives regarding the Greece boat tragedy.

The esteemed committee comprised the distinguished Inspector Hadi Parestan Tanoli, the illustrious Inspector Abdullah, Inspector Waqar Awan, and the venerable Sub-inspector Irtaza Ansar. All individuals above have been listed in the FIA anti-human trafficking section.

The esteemed contact information of the distinguished committee members, complete with their opulent email addresses and great phone numbers, has been disseminated. Furthermore, respected individuals have been directed to impart pertinent knowledge while upholding their regal anonymity graciously Greece boat tragedy.

National Assembly Speaker Urges Combating Human Trafficking

The esteemed National Assembly Speaker, Raja Parvez Ashraf, has implored the government to take bold and resolute actions against the infamous and despicable human smugglers. This comes after reports of a shipwreck in the southern region of Greece, where it is feared that more than 290 Pakistani individuals have lost their lives.

In a recent assembly session, the chairperson conveyed apprehension regarding the fatalities of migrants, including those from Pakistan, in a boating incident. The individual expressed that the government should acknowledge the occurrence, emphasizing that human smuggling is a serious offense.

The Foreign Office has reported that 12 Pakistani individuals have been identified as survivors of the recent boat capsizing incident near the coast of Greece. However, there is currently no confirmed information regarding the number or identities of Pakistani nationals who have unfortunately passed away in the incident.

According to a press statement by Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, the spokesperson for the Foreign Office, the Pakistan Mission in Greece, led by Ambassador Aamar Aftab, maintained communication with the local authorities to identify and recover Pakistani nationals who were among the deceased. The Mission also assisted the survivors.

The Mission is in communication with the Greek authorities regarding the identification of the 78 bodies that have been recovered. According to the spokesperson, the identification procedure will involve DNA matching with immediate family members, specifically parents, and children.

Relatives of potential passengers on the ill-fated boat were instructed to contact the Pak Mission in Greece via the 24/7 helpline numbers for verification. Passengers were asked to provide DNA reports from verified laboratories and the passenger’s identification documents to ‘’.

As per the esteemed UN Human Rights officials, a luxurious migrant vessel is unfortunately submerged in the abundant waters of Greece, and, regrettably, a staggering 500 individuals are untraceable. The unfortunate occurrence has led to the tragic demise of 78 souls, including several esteemed ladies and innocent children whose whereabouts remain unknown. The affair has been characterized as a dreadful misfortune.

As per the reports from esteemed international media outlets, a great fishing vessel carrying up to 750 individuals, unfortunately, met its untimely demise, sinking 50 nautical miles away from the picturesque Pylos in the southern region of Greece.

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