The number of marriages in China has reached a historic low.

marriages in China

Marriages in China

According to sources, Beijing has recently made a statement. According to a report by Yicai, a local news outlet, the number of marriages in China reached a record low in 2022, continuing a downward trend observed over the past decade. It is worth noting that strict COVID-related lockdown measures may have influenced the total number of marriages.

According to data published on the Ministry of Civil Affairs website, only 6.83 million couples completed their marriage registrations in the previous year, indicating a decrease of approximately 800,000 from the preceding year marriages in China.

The decrease in couples getting married, which ensued from the pandemic-imposed restrictions that confined millions of individuals to their homes for several weeks last year, coincides with the authorities’ efforts to address a dwindling birth rate and a declining population marriages in China.

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In 2022, China experienced a population decrease for the first time in sixty years. This decline is anticipated to initiate a prolonged period of dwindling citizenry, which will significantly impact the Chinese economy and the global community.

The birth rate in China experienced a decline in the previous year, registering at 6.77 births per 1,000 individuals, the lowest figure on record. This represents a decrease from the 7.52 births per 1,000 individuals recorded in 2021.

According to demographers, China is likely to experience aging before achieving economic prosperity, owing to a reduced workforce and increased expenditure by local governments burdened with debt, primarily on older people.

To address the declining birth rate, the Chinese government announced plans to initiate experimental initiatives in over 20 urban areas to foster a contemporary culture of marriage and procreation.

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