An opposition conspiracy case in Tunisia has been closed to the media.

Opposition conspiracy case

According to a report by Reuters, Tunis is the location of interest. According to the official news agency TAP, a Tunisian judge has prohibited radio and television news programs from reporting on the legal proceedings of notable opposition figures charged with plotting against the state’s security in recent months.

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The arrangement raises apprehensions regarding human rights in Tunisia after the acquisition of additional powers by President Kais Saied in 2021, which involved a shift towards governing by decree and subsequently taking control of the judiciary.

According to the spokesperson of TAP, Hanan el-Qadas, the investigating judge of office 36 in the anti-terrorism branch has decided to prohibit media coverage of the two cases related to conspiring against state security.

According to TAP’s report, Qadas stated that the order pertained solely to “audio-visual media” and was designed to maintain the confidentiality of the cases and safeguard the personal information of the individuals implicated.

Reuters could not reach the spokesperson at the present moment.

During recent months, esteemed judges have taken into custody or launched investigations into more than 20 individuals with affiliations to the opposition in the political, judicial, media, or business spheres. These esteemed persons have been charged with plotting against the sanctity of the nation’s security.

The principal opposition factions have decried the apprehensions as being motivated by political machinations. Simultaneously, a plethora of esteemed human rights organizations have implored the Tunisian authorities to liberate the individuals who have been apprehended.

Regrettably, nary a public declaration has been issued by either the esteemed Interior Ministry or the venerable Justice Ministry with respect to the antecedent apprehensions.

His Excellency President Saied has deemed the detained individuals as nothing short of heinous terrorists, vile criminals, and treacherous traitors. He has boldly proclaimed that any esteemed judges who dare to release these malefactors shall be perceived as having offered them their unwavering support and aid.

Saied has been accused of staging a coup by the opposition due to his actions of dissolving parliament in 2021, governing through executive orders, and drafting a new constitution that was ratified with minimal voter turnout, thereby granting him extensive authority without adequate checks and balances.

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According to reports, it has been alleged that he has dismantled the democratic system established after the 2011 revolution. This revolution also resulted in selecting one of the most accessible media environments among Arab nations, where the press frequently reported on government criticism.

Saied has refuted the allegation of orchestrating a coup, contending that his actions were lawful and imperative to salvage Tunisia from the perils of disorder and transgression.

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