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Parvez Elahi has been re-arrested despite being granted bail in a corruption case.

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According to sources who spoke to media on Friday, the Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) re-arrested PTI President Parvez Elahi from outside a Lahore court shortly after he was released from custody concerning the graft case.

According to certain sources, the anti-corruption watchdog would transfer the leader of the PTI to the Gujranwala directorate because he was wanted in another case that had been filed in the city.

In the meantime, the Director General of the ACE, Suhail Zafar Chatha, stated that the department would file an appeal against the judgment that the Lahore court handed down. He made a statement that the verdict was announced in opposition to the merit. “The merit will be discussed later.”

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Earlier, the judge had issued an order for the PTI leader’s release, provided that he was not wanted in connection with any other matter. The verdict, which had been held back previously, was finally announced by Judicial Magistrate Ghulam Murtaza Virk. Mr. Elahi was transported to court in an armored vehicle amidst heightened security measures, and his family members, including his son Rasikh Elahi, were in the courtroom at the same time.

The anti-corruption team has requested that the senior politician be held in physical custody for fourteen days so that they can question him regarding the case. After listening to the reasons presented by both parties, the judge made his judgment and proclaimed it.

As he left the courthouse, the former Chief Minister of Punjab made these statements to the reporters. He claimed he was innocent and “supported the Pakistan Army.” In a statement he sent to the party workers, he urged them to maintain their resolve and not become discouraged.

Parvez Elahi’s arrest

On Thursday, a team from the Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE), together with the assistance of the police, detained the president of the PTI outside of his mansion, Zahoor Elahi Palace, on allegations of graft, as revealed by the Punjab interim communication minister Amir Mir.

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Mr. Mir stated that he had been arrested for accepting kickbacks in development projects. He added that he would be transferred to the headquarters of the anti-corruption organization shortly. He added that the vicinity surrounding his residence had been barricaded for the preceding few days. Law enforcement officials were in attendance.

According to him, he initially resisted, but then he exited his vehicle when the cops tried to break the window on the driver’s side of his automobile. The minister suggested that discussions regarding human rights violations should be moderated due to allegations of corruption against him. According to Mr. Mir, the suspect will receive the same treatment as other suspects in jail.

An anti-corruption court in Lahore had earlier turned down Mr. Elahi’s bail appeal in a case involving allegations of corruption in connection with construction projects. This led to his subsequent detention.

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The attorney for Mr. Elahi informed the judge that his client could not attend court because he was experiencing chest problems and could not continue working. The prosecution contended that the medical certificate presented in court by Parvez Elahi’s legal representation was a forgery.

Parvez Elahi’s request for an attendance waiver and his request for the court to dismiss his request for interim bail because of non-compliance were denied by the judge who presided over the case.

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