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The mother of a Palestinian child who was killed demands justice for her son’s death.

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The location in question is Nabi Saleh, in the West Bank region. The following information is sourced from Reuters. During the funeral of a Palestinian toddler in the occupied West Bank, whose life was claimed by Israeli soldiers’ gunfire last week, the mother of the deceased child demanded justice on Tuesday.

Marwa al-Tamimi was observed holding her toddler for the final time while marching alongside numerous mourners. She had her toddler’s face in her palms as she kissed his forehead.

The speaker expressed her desire for justice for her son and for all individuals responsible for shooting at her husband and son to be held accountable.

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On Monday, Mohammad passed away due to a headshot wound. He was traveling with his father to visit relatives when they were fired upon by Israeli forces near their residence. According to Mohammad’s mother, he was a few months away from turning three.

The father, Haitham al-Tamimi, sustained a gunshot wound to the shoulder.

Upon inspection of my son’s location, I reported to the soldiers that he had been deceased. According to the mother, who was not present in the vehicle, the individuals warned her to “stand back, or we’ll shoot,” as reported by Reuters.

Per the Israeli military’s statement, soldiers retaliated with live fire in response to shots fired by attackers toward a Jewish settlement. This resulted in the injury of two Palestinians, including a child.

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According to the statement, the IDF expresses remorse for any harm caused to non-combatants and is dedicated to utilizing all available resources to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

As per the Palestinian Office of Defense for Children International (DCIP) report, Al-Tamimi is among the 27 Palestinian minors who have lost their lives due to the military and settler operations carried out by Israel in the occupied West Bank and Gaza since January.

Based on Israeli statistics, three minors from Israel lost their lives simultaneously.

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On Tuesday, Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh tweeted that continuing Israel’s offenses against the Palestinian people and children will persist without implementing accountability measures.

The U.S. Office for Palestinian Affairs has issued a statement urging Israel to assess all instances of lethal force that harm civilians. The report concurred with the EU delegation to the Palestinians and the United Nations envoy for the Middle East peace process, both of whom urged Israel to take responsibility for the death of al-Tamimi by holding those responsible accountable.

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