Ricciardo said AlphaTauri returned because of the ‘fairy tale’ finale.

Ricciardo said AlphaTauri returned because of the 'fairy tale' finale
Ricciardo said AlphaTauri returned because of the ‘fairy tale’ finale

The city of Budapest, as reported by the Agence France-Presse (AFP), On Thursday, Daniel Ricciardo explained his decision to race for AlphaTauri in the Hungarian Grand Prix, despite their current struggles. He mentioned being enticed by the prospect of a fairy tale ending, which ultimately influenced his choice.

The individual, aged 34 and hailing from Australia, has returned to the Formula One grid alongside the underperforming team, despite previously expressing a preference for racing with teams that consistently lead the pack.

After being released by McLaren in the previous year following two underwhelming seasons with the Woking-based team, Ricciardo expressed his belief that joining AlphaTauri would provide him the optimal opportunity to regain a position within the senior Red Bull team.

The opportunity to replace Nyck de Vries, an unfortunate Dutch rookie, was accepted by the individual serving as the reserve driver for the champions. This replacement will take effect after the British Grand Prix and continue for the 2023 season.

According to Ricciardo, who achieved seven victories during his tenure with the team from 2014 to 2018, the aspiration can be likened to securing a Red Bull seat.

However, a clear set of instructions outlining the necessary steps is currently unavailable, and the events have transpired rapidly.

The test was the initial item to be checked off. The performance was highly satisfactory. The current situation presents an additional obstacle.

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The instructions do not encourage a relaxed approach; instead, they emphasize the need to demonstrate one’s abilities.

Red Bull represents an ideal or aspiration, but it is not practical for me to contemplate it.

During an interview at the Hungaroring circuit, he informed reporters that he had taken enough time off to reset.

However, it is also important to derive pleasure from the experience again. I had previously experienced this sensation in the simulator earlier this year. This prompted my desire to physically drive the car and confirm that it aligns with my true passion.

On July 11, he participated in a Pirelli tire test at Silverstone.

The individual expressed satisfaction with quickly attaining proficiency and experiencing a sense of excitement upon sampling the Red Bull car.

I anticipated that returning to a prominent position after a period of absence would pose significant challenges, considering the past few years events.

Adopting a realistic approach and acknowledging that obtaining a Red Bull seat will require a certain degree of procedural effort is necessary.

Six months prior, I was not in a position to readily seize any available opportunity.

Ricciardo expressed his sympathy towards De Vries.

Although he may lack experience in Formula 1, he possesses considerable expertise in motor racing. The individual in question is believed to have sufficient maturity to comprehend the situation at hand. Should they desire to do so, they can initiate action and bring about a desired outcome.


The individual acknowledged that the car from AlphaTauri would possess certain limitations. Furthermore, they emphasized the need to optimize performance with the available resources.

If I was to regain the towered Bull seat, it would evoke a sense of a storybook conclusion. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that success in this sport is contingent upon performance rather than relying on fanciful narratives.

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