Admiral Lisa Franchetti, who Biden nominated as the first female Navy chief, is making history.

Admiral Lisa Franchetti, who Biden nominated as the first female Navy chief, is making history.
Admiral Lisa Franchetti, who Biden nominated as the first female Navy chief, is making history.

In Washington, according to Reuters, On Friday, President Joe Biden nominated Admiral Lisa Franchetti to assume leadership of the Navy. This nomination is significant as it would mark a historic milestone by breaking the gender barrier in the U.S. military. If confirmed, Admiral Franchetti would become the first woman to command the Navy and serve as a Joint Chiefs of Staff member.

The decision made by President Biden comes as a surprise. The nomination for the Pentagon officials was widely anticipated to be given to Admiral Samuel Paparo, who currently serves as the leader of the Navy in the Pacific. Admiral Paparo’s extensive experience in dealing with the increasing challenge posed by China played a significant role in this expectation first female Navy chief.

However, Franchetti, the current vice chief of operations for the Navy, was considered as one of the potential candidates for the position. According to officials, he is highly regarded and has extensive experience, having previously served as the commander of U.S. Naval Forces Korea.

In an official statement, President Biden acknowledged Franchetti’s extensive 38-year professional background.

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In a statement, President Biden acknowledged Admiral Franchetti’s remarkable career, highlighting her profound knowledge in operational and policy domains. He also mentioned her historic achievement as the second woman to attain the prestigious rank of four-star admiral in the U.S. Navy’s first female Navy chief.

The previous year, President Biden appointed Admiral Linda Fagan as the head of the U.S. Coast Guard, designating her as the inaugural female commanding officer in the organization’s history. The Coast Guard is not officially affiliated with the Department of Defense; rather, it operates under the jurisdiction of the Department of Homeland Security.

Franchetti is poised to make history as the inaugural woman to assume military service leadership within the Defense Department and join the esteemed Joint Chiefs of Staff. This distinguished group, comprised of eight high-ranking uniformed service members, counsels the president on matters about the military first female Navy chief.

In addition, President Biden appointed Paparo to assume the role of commander overseeing all United States military forces stationed in the Pacific region. Vice Admiral Stephen “Web” Koehler has been selected as the successor to Paparo as commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet.

The announcement made by Biden coincides with a congressional block on all U.S. military nominations imposed by Senator Tommy Tuberville. The senator’s action is a form of protest against a Defense Department policy that provides reimbursement for expenses incurred by service members who undergo travel to obtain an abortion first female Navy chief.

The approval of senior military nominations is contingent upon the Senate’s endorsement. In the standard procedure, the review process is typically routine. However, it is important to note that a single senator can halt the process by placing a hold on nominations. This action necessitates individual consideration of each nomination, resulting in a significant time commitment, often spanning several hours.

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Tuberville’s block can potentially have a significant and wide-ranging influence on the armed forces, impacting both troops and their families. This could ultimately result in losing valuable military personnel, as emphasized by Air Force General Charles “C.Q.” Brown, who Biden nominated as the highest-ranking U.S. general.

The military is undergoing staff reassignment to address the vacancy in a key leadership position. This vacancy arose when the Marine Corps commandant, a Joint Chiefs of Staff member, voluntarily resigned on July 10 upon completing his four-year term first female Navy chief.

According to the Pentagon, the Marine Corps is currently facing a situation where its leadership position remains unconfirmed due to a hold on promotions. As a result, the Number 2 individual has assumed control. This marks the first instance in over a century where the Marine Corps operates without an officially designated leader first female Navy chief.

According to Biden, the delay has had a detrimental impact on national security.

In the statement, President Biden expressed his concern regarding the actions of Senator Tuberville, emphasizing that they are not only incorrect but also pose a significant risk.

The individual in question jeopardizes our capacity to maintain the United States Armed Forces as the most superior military force ever witnessed. Furthermore, it is widely acknowledged by his Republican counterparts in the Senate.

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