France’s World Cup captain Renard adds, “We can achieve something great.”

France is set to participate in their fifth Women's World Cup this month.
France is set to participate in their fifth Women’s World Cup this month.

According to a report from Reuters, Wendie Renard, the captain, and defender of France, expresses her belief that her team has the potential to accomplish remarkable feats in the upcoming Women’s World Cup. Renard acknowledges their previous performances in past tournaments were less impactful than desired.

France is set to participate in their fifth Women’s World Cup this month. However, it is worth noting that they have faced elimination in the quarter-finals during the previous two tournaments. Their most notable achievement in the competition was securing a fourth-place finish in 2011.

According to Renard, aged 32, in an interview on the FIFA website, our inability to progress beyond the quarter-finals is due to our lack of effectiveness during crucial moments.

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To achieve something great, all individuals must share a common vision and be determined to work towards a unified goal.

Herve Renard, aged 54, assumed the role of France women’s coach in March following the departure of former manager Corinne Diacre. Diacre’s position had become untenable due to Wendie Renard’s decision to withdraw from participating in the World Cup to prioritize her mental well-being.

Renard, a highly regarded defender in women’s football, returned to the Olympique Lyon squad following the recent hiring of the former coach of the Saudi Arabia men’s team.

According to her statement, he is an experienced coach who has achieved success at the international level. Additionally, he possesses charismatic qualities.

Herve Renard successfully led Zambia’s men’s team to victory in the African Nations title 2012. He later achieved the same feat with Ivory Coast three years later.

The speaker mentioned that they anticipate the individual to leverage their extensive experience in the position, as they have achieved significant accomplishments in the form of major titles.

According to Wendie Renard, the tournament presents a valuable opportunity for players to demonstrate their eligibility to don the national colors and serve as representatives of France.

The speaker emphasized the importance of maintaining consistent performances. Upon donning this shirt, it is imperative to uphold and staunchly defend it.

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The French national team will commence their participation in Group F by competing against Jamaica on July 23. Subsequently, they will confront Brazil and Panama in their upcoming matches.

New Zealand and Australia are currently co-hosting the ninth iteration of the Women’s World Cup. The tournament’s culmination will occur on August 20 in Sydney.

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