On the 19th anniversary of his passing, admirers reflect on a genius.

On the 19th anniversary of his passing, admirers reflect on a genius.
The partnership between Albela and Amanullah dominated the theatre scene for a period of ten years.

Lahore, a city located in Pakistan, is the subject of this web desk report. The 19th death anniversary of the esteemed comedian Albela will be commemorated on Monday.

Albela, known initially as Akhtar Hussain, was born September 21, 1940, in Gojra, Toba Tek Singh. At a tender age, he relocated to Lahore to embark on a career in acting.

Albela is widely acknowledged as a pioneering actor who significantly transformed theatre, particularly in developing contemporary commercial theatre.

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The partnership between Albela and Amanullah was solid, resulting in their dominant presence in the theatre industry for ten years. Both Albela and Amanullah are widely recognized as pioneers in Punjabi theatre.

Theatres experienced a significant transformation and played a crucial role in developing the entertainment industry.

Albela boasts an extensive career in film, television, and theatre, primarily specializing in comedic performances. The inaugural release of his cinematic career occurred in 1963 with the debut film titled ‘Rishtay’.

Albela has appeared in numerous films, such as ‘Wardatia’, ‘Badnam’, ‘Yaar Maar’, ‘Ishq Nachawe Gali Gali’, ‘Allah Ditta’, ‘Siren’, ‘International Luttairey’, ‘Majhoo’, ‘Abdullah The Great’, ‘Hero’, and ‘Khandan’.

Albela’s enduring legacy lies in his exceptional contributions to the field of theatre. The individual has participated in a multitude of stage productions and dramatic performances.

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Additionally, he has showcased his acting prowess in various television plays throughout his extensive career, which spans over 50 years. Albela’s demise occurred in Lahore on July 17, 2004.

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