Putin warns Poland that attacking Belarus is a direct strike on Russia.

Putin warns Poland that attacking Belarus is a direct strike on Russia.

In the city of Moscow, as reported by Reuters, In a statement issued on Friday, President Vladimir Putin made allegations against Poland, a member of NATO, suggesting that the country harbors territorial ambitions in the former Soviet Union. Furthermore, he emphasized that any aggression towards Belarus, a neighboring nation and a key ally of Russia, would be interpreted as an attack on Russia itself Putin warns Poland.

During a televised meeting of his Security Council, President Putin stated that Moscow would respond to any acts of aggression against Belarus, a country that shares a loose “Union State” with Russia, utilizing all available means at their disposal Putin warns Poland.

On Wednesday, the Security Committee of Warsaw decided to relocate military units to the eastern region of Poland. According to the secretary, this action was taken in response to the arrival of Russian Wagner mercenaries in Belarus, as reported by the state-run news agency PAP on Friday.

Also, Check Navalny, a Russian opposition politician, is being sought for a 20-year prison sentence.

On Wednesday, Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of Wagner, was captured on video extending a warm welcome to his fighters in Belarus. He informed them that their involvement in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine would be temporarily suspended. However, he emphasized the importance of utilizing this period to enhance their capabilities and prepare for future Wagner operations in Africa. Additionally, Prigozhin instructed his fighters to assist in training the Belarusian army during their stay in Belarus Putin warns Poland.

According to Prigozhin, Wagner, the group responsible for capturing the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut, is regarded as Russia’s most proficient combat unit. However, he initiated an armed mutiny four weeks ago due to his frequent conflicts with the Moscow defense establishment.

The conclusion of the insurrection involved a mutual understanding that individuals affiliated with the Wagner group, including a significant number recruited from correctional facilities, would have the option to relocate to Belarus, should they desire to do so Putin warns Poland.

On Thursday, Minsk announced that Wagner mercenaries have commenced training Belarusian special forces at a military range close to the Polish border.

In recent weeks, Russia has initiated the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, marking the first instance of such a presence in the region. According to an official statement from the Kremlin, President Putin is scheduled to meet with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko in Russia on Sunday. It is worth noting that the two leaders maintain regular communication.

On Friday, German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius expressed that Germany and NATO are ready to assist Poland in safeguarding the alliance’s eastern border.

According to Putin, there have been press reports regarding plans for a Polish-Lithuanian unit to be deployed in western Ukraine. It is worth noting that certain areas in western Ukraine were previously under Polish control. The intended purpose of this unit, as reported, is to conduct operations in the region and eventually establish occupation of the territory Putin warns Poland.

The speaker stated the aspirations toward Belarusian lands but did not substantiate them with any supporting evidence.


According to Putin, Belaruss considered a constituent part of the Union State alongside Russia. Any aggression towards Belarus would consequently be perceived as aggression towards the Russian Federation. Our organization will utilize all available resources to respond comprehensively to this matter.

The Republic of Poland categorically refutes any claims of having territorial ambitions in the Republic of Belarus.

According to Stanislaw Zaryn, Poland’s deputy minister coordinator of special services, the individual from the Kremlin is reiterating false information about Poland and attempting to distort the reality of the conflict with Ukraine. Zaryn made these remarks to the state-owned PAP news agency Putin warns Poland.

Vladimir Putin is again employing historical revisionism to disseminate unfounded allegations against Poland.

The comments made by Putin have not yet received a response from Polish officials.

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