China urges Germany to take a ‘rational’ look at its progress.

China urges Germany to take a 'rational' look at its progress.
China urges Germany to take a ‘rational’ look at its progress.

In the city of Beijing, as reported by Reuters, The embassy of China in Berlin expressed its hope that Germany can adopt a rational, comprehensive, and objective perspective toward China’s development. This statement was made in response to the release of Germany’s highly anticipated China strategy paper.

The 64-page document is being introduced when Western nations actively pursue strategies to decrease their reliance on China, a process commonly referred to as “de-risking” by policymakers.

The Chinese embassy stated that engaging in forcefully “de-risking” due to ideological bias and competitive anxiety will ultimately have a negative impact and artificially amplify risks.

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The embassy emphasized that China is a valuable partner for Germany in addressing various challenges. It further highlighted that perceiving China solely as a competitor and institutional rival does not align with both nations’ objective facts or shared interests.

China and Germany were identified as having shared interests in free trade and climate change.

According to the embassy, the pragmatic cooperation between China and Germany in various fields, including economy and trade, is mutually beneficial and complementary. This cooperation offers more excellent development opportunities for both sides rather than posing risks.


The statement above reaffirmed Beijing’s stance against external interference in internal matters, citing concerns such as Taiwan, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, and human rights. The report asserts that China is firmly committed to protecting its sovereignty, security, and development interests.

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