Despite the odds, a Pakistani girl and her Indian boyfriend end up together in PUBG.

Despite the odds, a Pakistani girl and her Indian boyfriend end up together in PUBG
Despite the odds, a Pakistani girl and her Indian boyfriend end up together in PUBG.

RABPURA (AFP) is an acronym for Remote Access Back-up Power Unit for Remote Areas. The relationship between a Pakistani mother of four and her young Indian partner, who developed feelings for each other while playing PUBG, a battle royale video game that is free to play, is characterized by a connection that transcends international rivalries. They express no concerns about potential religious backlash and believe only death can separate them together in PUBG.

The couple, who were previously rivals, encountered each other in 2020 while engaging in gameplay of the online shooting game PUBG amidst the global outbreak of the coronavirus.

According to Seema Haider, a 27-year-old married Pakistani and Muslim, their friendship gradually evolved into a romantic relationship as their conversations grew longer every morning and night.

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The mother of four interviewees provided her statement to AFP while in the confined courtyard of a two-room dwelling belonging to her recently wedded spouse, Sachin Meena. Sachin, a 22-year-old unmarried Indian shopkeeping assistant who adheres to the Hindu faith, was present during the conversation.

Seema, who departed Pakistan with her husband and four children by illicitly crossing into India through Nepal in May, resulting in the couple’s subsequent arrest and release on bail last week, has disclosed that she has since entered into matrimony with Sachin and assumed his surname together in PUBG.

The individual expressed their strong preference for remaining with Sachin in the village of Rabupura, where they currently reside, stating that they would rather face death than part ways or go back.

Although the couple has discovered one another, the historical background of their respective nations is characterized by hatred.

Pakistan and India, two nations equipped with nuclear capabilities, have engaged in three armed conflicts since their partition from the subcontinent in 1947 together in PUBG.

In 2019, both parties reciprocally expelled each other’s high commissioner. Consequently, bilateral diplomatic, cultural, business and sporting connections were significantly curtailed, reaching near-zero levels.

The Indian police maintain that Seema’s extended stay will be unfeasible.

Adorned with a red headscarf, Seema earnestly implores the Indian government to bestow upon her the privilege of citizenship. Nearby, her four young children engage in playful activities together in PUBG.



During a recent Indian TV debate, Seema expressed her unwavering affection for Sachin and solemnly committed to only considering returning to Pakistan under dire circumstances.

According to Seema, her initial interest in Sachin was primarily sparked by his proficiency in gaming.

In March, three years after their initial encounter, the couple had the opportunity to meet face-to-face in Nepal.

The individual in question developed a firm conviction regarding her decision to separate from her Pakistani spouse, whom she characterizes as “abusive.” It is important to note that the accused party denies these allegations. This conviction was solidified following their initial encounter.

The couple reported engaging in an extensive planning process that spanned several months, employing meticulous attention to detail. They sought assistance from instructional videos on YouTube, specifically focusing on the procedures for entering India through Nepal. In May, she achieved success.

She stated that the journey from Pakistan to India posed significant challenges. It is believed that the meeting between us was predestined, guided by the love of a higher power.

The existence of Sachin’s family was only discovered when he leased a neighboring apartment with them.

Despite initial resistance, my father and the other individuals ultimately embraced our presence and accepted us. Sachin stated that they are pleased with our progress. The user intends to undertake all necessary tasks for the specified individuals.

The Indian police discovered the situation when they attempted to solemnize their marriage at a nearby court.

Ghulam Haider, the estranged husband of Seema, decided from his positions as a laborer and rickshaw driver in order together income opportunities for the betterment of his family in Saudi Arabia.

Haider, who claimed to be unfamiliar with the game PUBG, wants to reunite with his family.

Ghulam Haider, speaking to AFP via telephone from Saudi Arabia, made a sincere plea to the authorities of India and Pakistan to facilitate the return of his wife and children to him.

According to Haider, the couple, belonging to distinct Baloch tribes, possess a remarkable love story characterized by their unwavering determination.

They eloped in defiance of their families wishes, a practice considered taboo in Pakistan and often associated with so-called honor killings.

He stated that a jirga, a council of elders, was subsequently convened to resolve the issue at hand. As a result, a monetary penalty of one million rupees, equivalent to approximately $3,640, was imposed upon him.

Being geographically distant from my place of residence and my immediate family has caused me considerable distress, as our union was based on genuine affection.

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