Two Pakistanis stand out at international honors.

Two Pakistanis stand out at international honors.
Fakhar has been awarded the Woman Inspiration Award, while Dr. Saqib has been honored with the prestigious title of ‘Man of the Decade.’

Two individuals from Pakistan received prestigious awards at the renowned international awards ceremony held in London on Saturday evening.

The prizes were awarded to Huma Fakhar, a businesswoman from Pakistan, and Dr. Muhammad Amjad Saqib, a humanitarian, who were nominated in their respective categories.

Dr. Saqib was honored with the Global Man of the Decade award in acknowledgment of his outstanding contributions. At the same time, Fakhar was presented with the Global Woman Inspiration Award to showcase her remarkable accomplishments.

Fakhar expressed gratitude towards the award organizers for acknowledging the unfolding story of Pakistan as a tale of women’s courage.

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The successful accomplishment of the two Pakistanis, as a result of their diligent efforts and significant impact on the global stage, stands as a momentous triumph for their nation.

Fakhar, an entrepreneur from Pakistan, was recently nominated for the prestigious Global Woman Inspiration Award in the United Kingdom. This recognition stems from her notable contributions to her home country’s economic and social sectors.

The award nominations for the Global Woman Club were unveiled on June 17th, with the award ceremony set to take place on July 17th in London.

Dr. Saqib is a renowned philanthropist who has gained recognition for his extensive humanitarian initiatives and welfare efforts within the country. The Pakistani government bestowed upon him the Sitara-e-Imtiaz Award. The individual in question serves as the founder and chairman of Akhuwat, the most prominent Islamic microfinance organization globally. Additionally, this organization operates a tuition-free university that welcomes students from various regions across Pakistan.

I am sincerely grateful and filled with joy to have been given this prestigious recognition on a global level. We express our sincere gratitude to all individuals involved. Dr. Saqib said his gratitude upon receiving the award, acknowledging the presence of numerous influential individuals actively contributing to our planet’s transformation.

The individual conveyed his appreciation for his triumph by attributing it to the citizens of Pakistan and the collective of volunteers and individuals committed to creating a more equitable world free from exploitation and poverty.

Deepak Chopra and Madame Mir Elle will jointly confer awards upon a collective of twelve distinguished women from various regions across the globe. The entrepreneur stated that the nomination is in recognition of their role as a source of inspiration in their work as a businessperson in Pakistan and their contributions to the social sector.

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The award category recognizes a female individual who has demonstrated exceptional impact within her community, surmounted obstacles and inspired and motivated others through her remarkable journey.

Fakhar conveyed her gratitude for the ongoing support provided by her loved ones, stating, “I extend my thanks for the unwavering support from my family and friends.”

Fakhar is one of the co-authors of “Doodh Darya,” a strategic plan known as the White Revolution Dairy Investments, aimed at establishing corporate dairy farms in Pakistan. This initiative not only facilitated the dairy industry’s growth but empowered over 500,000 women involved in this sector.

Moreover, she has diligently advocated and orchestrated opulent entrepreneurship education at the academic level, emphasizing empowering the fairer sex. Her noble endeavors have been gracefully channeled towards the opulent Pakistani orphanages, with the grand aspiration of adorning young women with the essential skills and profound wisdom required to ascend to complete self-sufficiency.

The esteemed Pakistani candidate has had the distinguished honor of representing their illustrious nation in many wealthy business forums, gracing the presence of esteemed delegates from India, Afghanistan, and Malaysia. Furthermore, they have had the privilege of partaking in many prosperous trade ministerial gatherings hosted in the lavish locales of Doha, Hong Kong, Mexico, and the illustrious abode of power, the United States White House.

The labor she is engaged in has garnered considerable acclaim for its invaluable contribution to the illustrious “Green Footprints” circularity fund. This exquisite fund endeavors to provide abundant support to startups that operate within the realm of circular business models, indulging in the pursuit of circular research and development. Furthermore, it seeks to foster a culture of innovation and cultivate sumptuous sustainable supply chains. With its discerning taste, the fund exclusively directs its attention toward the abundant realm of the gastronomic industry.

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