The devil is in the details for Japan’s World Cup hopeful Shimizu.

The devil is in the details for Japan's World Cup hopeful Shimizu.
Four years ago, in France, Shimizu was the starting goalkeeper for all of Japan’s games.

CHINA (Reuters) – CHIBA, Japan Risa Shimizu, a defender for Japan, is hoping that her team will put behind them their disappointing 2019 campaign and establish a name for themselves in the Women’s World Cup in July and August by paying attention to every little detail.

Shimizu started every game for Japan in France four years ago, where they finished second in their group and were eliminated in the round of 16 after a 2-1 loss to the Netherlands.

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That was a bitter pill for a nation that had previously won the World Cup by defeating the USA in the finals 2011. The 27-year-old told Reuters at the pre-tournament training camp in Chiba, “It was frustrating in 2019, so this time, I feel that I have to do better.”

From now on, we must bring ourselves to perfection and pay close attention to the minutiae if we want to win the World Cup. Shimizu is a hard worker for the English team West Ham United, and she excels at making overlapping runs down the flanks and accurate crosses.

Japan’s women’s football team, the Nadeshiko, has always been known for its technical prowess. Still, Shimizu believes they need to hone their talents even more in front of the World Cup on July 20 in Australia and New Zealand.

In addition, “Today we practiced throw-ins,” she remarked. So that we can enter the World Cup as a formidable squad, we intend to hone in on such details and master them.

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American midfielder Hina Sugita, who currently plays for the Portland Thorns, was another consistent performer for Japan in 2019 and is confident in the team’s chances if everyone is at their best. She expressed her desire to move on to the next round by saying, “I want nothing more than to win our games.”

It won’t be easy to win, so everyone needs to give their all, and I’ll do everything I can to help us prevail as well. Group C of the first round pits Japan against Spain, Costa Rica, and Zambia.

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