General Science and Ability by Akram Kashmiri Free PDF 2023

General Science and Ability by Akram

Finally, General Science and Ability by Akram, the eagerly anticipated general science book, is in your hands. Connected text is the book’s standout feature. Concept maps, properly crafted MCQs and pertinent short answer questions are used for quick review. As the narration begins at the very basics and progresses to the topic’s complexity to satisfy the requirements of the competitive examinations, this book is equally good for individuals with no background in science as well as those with a background in it.

General Science and Ability by Akram Kashmiri Free PDF 2023
General Science & ability by Akram Kashmiri complete PDF Download

The FPSC’s current CSS test curriculum reform is based on Concept-Based Learning rather than rote memorization. This change was inspired by our young graduates from various universities.

This has been addressed in the authoring of the book. The information in this book will not only equip the candidates for the interview but also for the written test. The addition of more than a thousand pertinent multiple-choice questions will help applicants feel more confident while participating in ordinary scientific discussions because they are thought-provoking.

The information provided in the appendices and the answered question papers from J. everyday Science for the past exams will serve as a supplement for test preparation. Recent question papers are purposefully left unanswered so that applicants can tackle them as homework.

Richly detailed contributions from Muslim scientists are provided at the end of the book and should be considered a bonus for students studying for various exams.

Even if there is an endless supply of scientific material available worldwide, the book’s contents should be read completely and all the way through. It will serve as a quick reference guide for the applicants to address all types of exam questions.

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