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About Book Encyclopedia Of General Knowledge Jahangir’s Part 1

I spent a lot of time and effort creating the Encyclopedia Of General Knowledge Jahangir’s Multiple Choice Questions. I consulted a number of dictionaries, encyclopedias, newspapers, periodicals, digests, and reference books when composing this outstanding work. I hereby express my gratitude to each and every one of these distinguished sources.

The world is changing more quickly in this period of globalization, and important developments affecting both national and international affairs happen frequently. I have therefore made every effort to include the most recent information that is currently available.

In the majority of national competitive exams held to fill high-paying, prestigious positions, general knowledge is a significant component. Many hopefuls work hard to fulfill their dream destinies. Therefore, having a strong command of general knowledge becomes crucial and required to succeed.

But achieving this goal is not easy, as students still struggle to understand their strengths and weaknesses despite years of diligent study, and they are unclear about the subject’s nuances on all levels.

So, candidates are supposed to keep their knowledge abreast of the contemporary world to get an edge over others. In this regard, it is necessary that students have a scientific approach-this is this book aims at-to provide a scientific yet simple method to learn General Knowledge, especially for competitive exams.

The premier quality of this book is that most of the facts and figures having first-hand information and reports from the concerned sources included in this book are absolutely perfect and up-to-date.

In the end, I pay my heartiest gratitude to the leamed, well-known, and venerated members of my team like Mr. Zahid Hussain Anjum, Mr. Nawazish Ali, Syed Salman Hameed Kazmi, Mr. Muhammad Sheraz, and Mr. Muhammad Usman Butt. I also owe thanks to Mr. Shafqat Javed (Proof Reading), Mr. Asif Raza (Composing), Mr. Zohaib (Composing), Mr. Aqeel Ahmed (Copy Pasting), and Mr. Usman Ahmad Designing) who helped me in bringing out this latest and updated edition Encyclopedia Of General Knowledge Jahangir’s.

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Encyclopedia Of General Knowledge Jahangir's Series
Encyclopedia Of General Knowledge Jahangir’s Series By Mr Shaw

Regarding the book Encyclopedia Of General Knowledge Jahangir’s Part 2

Alhamdulillah, all praises and thanks to Allah Al-mighty, who enabled me to compile Jahangir’s
Encyclopedia of General Knowledge. Actually, an Encyclopedia When it is put together in accordance with the requirements and preferences of the candidates taking competitive examinations, it is inherently more valuable and advantageous to the readers. Its goal is to provide readers with the most up-to-date, accurate information possible as well as relevant knowledge in a way that is clear, concise, intelligible, and illustrative.

It gives me great pleasure to present this book to my readers because it is not only a convenient reference book for names, places, dates, facts, and figures, but it is also a condensed, current subject-to-subject reference book for politics and international affairs, science and technology, art, literature, abbreviations, sports, and much more. Pakistan has also been given its own entire chapter in the book.

Jahangir’s Encyclopaedia of General Knowledge has been written from CSS shortest chapter to CSS shortest chapter, constituting a full encyclopedia in and of itself.

Candidates taking the CSS, PCS, PMS, and other competitive exams won’t notice any inconsistencies, though. It provides a comprehensive overview of both Pakistan and the modern world for general readers. I’m hoping that by reading this book, readers in general and candidates alike will be able to overcome obstacles and develop the courage and confidence needed to succeed in competitive tests.

It is anticipated that the book will demonstrate its value and be well-liked by the people who are interested in it. A candidate should review the particular chapter on MCQs for this reason. In the end, I am thankful to my publisher, i.e. M/s Nabeel Niaz, Fawaz Niaz, and Adeel Niaz for extending their full cooperation to the publication of this valuable book with great enthusiasm.

Any suggestion towards the improvement of this book, any misprint of minor inaccuracies, pointed out by the reader will be higher appreciated.

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