Biology Class 9th book Sindh Text Board free pdf read online

Biology Class 9th book Sindh Text Board

Biology Class 9th book Sindh Text Board free pdf read online The century we have stepped in is the century of Biology. The modern discipline of Biology is strongly influencing not only all the branches of science but each and every aspect of human life. To keep the students. abreast with the recent knowledge, it is a must that the curricula, at all levels, be updated regularly by introducing the rapid and multidirectional development taking place in all the branches of Biology.

Biology Class 9th book Sindh Text Board free pdf read online
Biology Class 9th book Sindh Text Board free pdf read online

The recent book of Biology for class IX has been written in this preview and in accordance with the revised curriculum prepared by the Ministry of Education, Govt of Pakistan, Islamabad reviewed by an independent team of the Bureau of Curriculum, Jamshoro Sindh. Keeping in view the importance of Biology, the topics have been revised and re-written according to the need of the time.

Since long Biology was taught only in IX class, the textbook consisted of 19 chapters which were unable to complete during working hours. it has been decided now the Biology syllabus will be divided into portions, one should teach in the 9th class and the other will teach the 10th class. So this book is consist of 9 chapters which have been thoroughly revised and re-written to meet the requirement of the curriculum.

Special emphasis has also been paid to the applied aspect including the biological problems of daily life. Attention has also been focused on the causes and preventive measures of the common disorders of the human body. Being an agricultural country, the agricultural aspects and problems of the country are also discussed.

Among the new editions are the introductory paragraphs, information boxes, summaries, and a variety of extensive exercises which I think will not only develop the interest but also add a lot to the utility of the book. The Sind Textbook Board has taken great pains and incurred expenditure in publishing this book in spite of its limitations.

A textbook is indeed not the last word and there is always room for improvement. While the authors have tried their level best to make the most suitable presentation, both in terms of concept and treatment, there may still have some deficiencies and omissions.

Learned teachers and worthy students are, therefore, requested to be kind enough to point out the shortcomings of the text or diagrams and to communicate their suggestions and objections for the improvement of the next edition of this book. In the end, I am thankful to our learned authors, editors, and specialist of the Board for their relentless service rendered for the cause of education.

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