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This book JWT Contemporary ESSAY For CSS is the result of my observations which I gathered during my ten-year experience of teaching CSS essays to a large number of CSS aspirants. I observed that most aspirants face failure in CSS Essay papers because they miserably ignore the primary characteristics of essay writing, that is, relevance, clarity, and above all, organization. As regards relevance, it comes to light, when the ideas are in perfect consonance with the given statement. And the element of
clarity is significantly dependent on the selection of words employed to express the ideas.

The fact remains that the tools of relevance and clarity derive their strength from coherence. In other words, relevance and clarity automatically evaporate if the essay is deficient in the element of coherence.

The organization not only within a paragraph but also among different paragraphs is necessary to translate the essay into a single coherent whole. Briefly speaking, these three
characteristics of essay writing are indispensable for success in the essay paper.

JWT Contemporary ESSAY For CSS Free PDF Read Online
JWT Contemporary EASSAY For CSS Free PDF Read Online

They cannot be ignored at any cost. I am highly grateful to my friends, especially Niaz Hassan (PMS Officer), Qasim Zia, and Ch. Muhammad Abbass, Muhammad Imran Bajwa, and Kashif Ishaaq for providing me with immense moral support to write this book.

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