Ali Amin Gandapur has been ordered to spend one day in physical remand by an Islamabad court.

On Sunday, PTI leader Ali Amin Gandapur was granted one day of physical remand by a local court.

The prosecutor requested a five-day physical remand of the PTI leader, Gandapur, after a threatening audio complaint was filed against him before the duty magistrate.

He then read the PTI leader’s FIR, in which he is accused of discussing an attack on Islamabad. He claimed the ex-lawmaker had vowed to arm himself and confront the authorities.

According to the prosecutor, “This was part of the attack on the judicial complex,” and all the crimes listed in the FIR were serious enough that they could not be released on bond.

The prosecutor advocated for a 90-day remand period for the offender. The magistrate then questioned why the prosecution had requested an extended remand of 15 days. The prosecutor said this time frame met their requirements for the shortest possible sentence.

The prosecutor requested that the PTI leader be held in physical custody for five days.

Babar Awan, Gandapur’s attorney, began his case by noting that the FIR didn’t name the police or the perpetrator but did include important details like the date and time.

He said this wasn’t the first time something like this has happened, citing the leak of audio recordings of Maryam Nawaz and the former chief justice as examples.

Awan insisted that the police officer who felt “threatened” by Gandapur’s speech didn’t report the incident. He added that the PTI chief should not have been brought here because this was a terror matter.

The defense attorney then asked the judge to dismiss Gandapur from the case.

I’m all ears for Gandasapur’s statement, but the cops must first address my question. He questioned whether or not the Golra Police Station, where the report was filed, even had a working television.

Since Gandapur had been in police custody for 24 hours, his lawyer naturally wanted to know how things were going with the inquiry. The attorney argued that the PTI leader needed only 24 hours of remand before being produced in an ATC, and the court agreed.

After placing Mr. Gandapur on one-day physical remand, the court turned him over to the authorities. The judge gave police instructions to bring Gandapur before the ATC the next day.

The handover of Mr. Gandapur to the police in Islamabad was mandated by a court of judicial magistrate-I in Dera Ismail Khan the day before. The capital city’s Golra police have investigated him for terrorism and treason.

Ali Amin Gandapur, in the recording above, threatens to occupy and take over Islamabad if Imran Khan is imprisoned. He also made grave warnings to the Islamabad Police.